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'News Fatigue' Is Symptom of Youth's Shift

Deluge of info has multi-tasking Gen Y less able to go in-depth

(Newser) - Young adults find themselves so inundated with headlines and so distracted by other media that they have trouble consuming the news, the AP reports of a new study. The project followed 18 ethnically diverse 18-34 year olds, and found that though they wanted in-depth news, they had trouble sorting through... More »

News Wars

PBS takes on the future of news

(Newser) - From “infosnacking” to “hyperlocal” news, there is a whole new terminology describing the evolution of news, particularly the move to online news.  The PBS show Frontline has developed a four-part series that examines the ‘News Wars’ taking place all around us.  More »

2 Stories