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Dan 'Definitely Still Alive' in Roseanne Remake

ABC isn't explaining yet how that aligns with John Goodman character's supposed death

(Newser) - The Roseanne revival is set to air on ABC this fall, and one character in particular will make a surprising comeback. Dan Conner, the family patriarch played by John Goodman, was revealed in the series finale to have died of a heart attack—but in the ABC reboot, "Dan... More »

ABC Bringing Back One of Its Most Beloved Shows

'Roseanne' reboot will feature original characters

(Newser) - Roseanne's return to TV has been confirmed, 20 years to the week after the beloved sitcom's final episode aired. ABC, the show's original network, announced Tuesday that it has ordered an eight-episode run of the revived show, which will air mid-season, E! Online reports. The network says... More »

Roseanne Is Coming Back to TV: Report

Deadline reports the sitcom is returning for an 8-episode season

(Newser) - One of television's most-popular looks at the lives of working-class Americans may be coming back. Deadline reports networks—including ABC and Netflix—are currently bidding on an eight-episode revival of Roseanne, which ended its original run nearly 20 years ago. Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, and Sara Gilbert are signed... More »

Cloverfield Sequel Makes You 'Gasp for Air'

John Goodman is 'perfect' in film that keeps you guessing

(Newser) - A woman wakes in a bunker and is told the world outside is uninhabitable after some kind of apocalyptic disaster. So starts the JJ Abrams-produced 10 Cloverfield Lane, which Abrams calls a "blood relative" to 2008's Cloverfield. Whatever its relation, viewers are in for a treat as the... More »

John Goodman Has Lost a Lot of Weight

He shows off a thinner look at 'Trumbo' premiere

(Newser) - John Goodman hit the red carpet looking svelte Thursday night, People reports. The 63-year-old actor, who has been open about his weight struggles in the past, was noticeably slimmer at the premiere of his new film Trumbo in London. Click through the gallery for "then and now" photos. More »

Court: Son's Ashes Can't Be Divided

4-year legal battle may finally be over for feuding parents

(Newser) - After a four-year legal battle, Lili and William Wilson will finally be able to lay their son to rest, though perhaps where only one of them wanted. Scott Wilson, 23, was killed in a car accident involving polo mogul John Goodman in 2010, but his divorced parents have been fighting... More »

SNL Spoofs Interpreter, Selfie, Guy Fieri

Fieri Christmas special is 'not suitable for humanity'

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live didn't have to look much further than President Obama's exhaustively discussed trip to South Africa this week, with Kenan Thompson gleefully signing gibberish behind Jay Pharoah's Obama in the episode's Cold Open. After Obama runs him off, Kate McKinnon as Angela Merkel comes... More »

Now Amazon Has Its Own Political 'TV' Series

Greenlights Garry Trudeau's 'Alpha House' for online series

(Newser) - Amazon is ramping up its competition with Netflix: The latter has House of Cards , and now Amazon has its own original series set in DC ... with "House" in the title. Alpha House was created by Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau, who also writes the series about four Republican senators living... More »

Court to Mogul: Girlfriend Can't Be Your Daughter, Too

Judge calls adoption a 'fraud' against court

(Newser) - News flash: No, you cannot adopt your girlfriend . Especially not as part of an alleged bid to safeguard tens of millions of dollars. A Florida appeals court judge yesterday ruled that John Goodman's 2011 adoption of his lover "constituted a fraud on the court," reports the Sun ... More »

Is Millionaire Who Adopted Girlfriend Committing Incest?

And should John Goodman be prosecuted for it, Terry L. Turnipseed wonders

(Newser) - When Florida millionaire John Goodman adopted 42-year-old girlfriend Heather Laruso Hutchins, he may have successfully protected his assets. But did he set himself up to be criminally charged with incest? Incest is, after all, defined as sexual relations between close relatives—even adopted ones, Terry L. Turnipseed explains on Slate... More »

Kids Battle Millionaire Dad's Adoption of Girlfriend, 42

John Goodman defrauded court, blindsided teens' mom: court filing

(Newser) - The wily multimillionaire who recently adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend —in what experts say is an attempt to shield his assets from the family of a young man he is accused of killing while driving drunk—faces a new opponent in court: his teenage kids. A guardian acting on their... More »

Celebs Who Hawked McD's Before They Got Famous

These commercials must be seen to be believed

(Newser) - Before there were Oscars or legendary sitcoms, there were apparently McDonald’s commercials for a number of actors. Huffington Post rounds up eight amazing commercials that must be seen to be believed, featuring everyone from Michael J. Fox to (our favorite) Jason Alexander. Watch a selection in the gallery or... More »

Big Lebowski for Rent on Facebook

You can 'like' specific scenes and lines

(Newser) - It's now the easiest it's ever been to share your favorite The Big Lebowski quote with strangers. The Coen brothers' cult classic is available to rent on Facebook , where you can "like" and comment on specific scenes and lines as you progress through the movie, reports Mashable... More »

Svelte Goodman: My Goal Weight Is '30 Pounds'

Talks dramatic weight loss with Letterman

(Newser) - David Letterman was quick to comment on John Goodman’s obvious weight loss last night on the Late Show , telling him “You look wonderful!” before asking what the actor weighed at his heaviest. “Pushing 400,” Goodman replies, then jokes that his target weight is “thirty... More »

Want Shakespeare-Style Lebowski? You're in Luck

Retelling of Coen brothers cult classic has 'Knave,' not Dude

(Newser) - If “the Dude abides” isn’t Shakespearean enough for you, a young filmmaker has just the thing: Two Gentleman of Lebowski, a script that retells The Big Lebowski in a Bard-like fashion. So, instead of Walter saying the John Turturro character Jesus “served 6 months in Chino for... More »

Still Wrestling 'Fat Kid Thing,' John Goodman Returns to Stage

Actor will star opposite Nathan Lane in Godot

(Newser) - Unlike millions of Americans, John Goodman hated Dan Conner, the beleaguered husband he famously played on Roseanne. “It’s one of those arrogant things that happen to you when you don’t realize the breaks you’re catching,” Goodman tells the New York Times. But the portly actor... More »

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