motor neurone disease

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Hawking: Docs Offered to Unplug Me in 1985

He talks about health, marriages in new documentary

(Newser) - If his first wife had listened to doctors' advice in 1985, most people might never have heard of Stephen Hawking. In the new documentary Hawking, the famed British physicist reveals that he was so ill during a bout of pneumonia in Switzerland that doctors offered to turn off his life... More »

Scientists Try to 'Hack' Stephen Hawking's Mind

Stanford team wants to get around his motor neurone disease

(Newser) - Imagine looking directly into Stephen Hawking's mind as he contemplates the universe. That's exactly what scientists are attempting with a tool called the iBrain, which detects electrical brain waves and conveys them to a computer, the Telegraph reports. "We'd like to find a way to bypass... More »

Mathematician Hawking 'Very Ill'

(Newser) - Cambridge University says famed mathematician Stephen Hawking was rushed to the hospital today and is "very ill." The university said Hawking had been fighting a chest infection for several weeks. Hawking, 67, gained fame for his work on black holes, and has remained active despite being stricken with... More »

Scientists See Breakthrough in Stem Cell Production

Research holds promise for Lou Gehrig's disease

(Newser) - A US team has made a breakthrough in stem cell research, growing new nerve cells from the skin of patients suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease, or ALS. The work marks the first time disease-specific stem cells have been generated from a patient.The method could be used to tailor replacement... More »

4 Stories