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Cops: Man Steals Game Boy From Teen's Casket

He also grabbed a light and 3 games, say investigators

(Newser) - Now that's low. Indiana cops have busted a 37-year-old man they say swiped a Game Boy from the casket of a teen killed in a car accident. The heist occurred during viewing of the 11th-grader's body at a local funeral home, said investigators. The teen's uncle confronted the robber outside... More »

How Tetris Fell Into Place

(Newser) - Alexey Pajitnov was supposed to be an artificial intelligence researcher for the Soviet Academy of Sciences, but when he got his first computer 25 years ago, he used it to write games. He tweaked and translated mathematical puzzles he’d always loved, and one stood out right away. “The... More »

Why Game Boy, at 20, Still Rules

(Newser) - Nintendo's Game Boy portable gaming system has been around for 20 years today, and even has a spiritual successor in the DS. Benj Edwards takes a look at why the franchise is a lasting one on Ars Technica.
  • Tetris: "Every new hardware platform needs a 'killer app,'" and
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3 Stories