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Cuomo Files $26M Suit Against Steve Rattner

Ex-auto czar vows to fight it

(Newser) - Talk about timing. On the same day that Steve Rattner got to trumpet GM’s new IPO , Andrew Cuomo filed a trio of lawsuits against the ex-auto czar related to a pay-to-play scandal involving New York’s pension fund. Cuomo’s asking for $26 million in damages, and a lifetime... More »

Richardson Reportedly Cleared in Pay-to-Play Probe

(Newser) - New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former members of his administration will not face charges in a yearlong pay-to-play investigation, a source tells the AP. A federal grand jury has been probing whether lucrative work on state bond deals was improperly awarded to a Richardson donor—derailing his nomination as... More »

Conservative Group Tried to Sell its Support for $2M

Offered to launch campaign backing FedEx in legislative battle

(Newser) - A major conservative group offered its backing to FedEx on a bill before the Senate—for a price tag of at least $2 million, Politico reports—and then, when FedEx didn't take the bait, switched sides. A letter to FedEx shows the American Conservative Union proffered services like writing op-eds... More »

Carlyle to Pay $20M to Settle Pension Probe

Private equity firm adopts ethics rules to end Cuomo inquiry

(Newser) - The Carlyle Group will pay a $20 million settlement and adopt strict new ethics rules to appease New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the Wall Street Journal reports. Cuomo had threatened to bring charges against the group or its employees as part of his pay-to-play probe into New York’s... More »

Obama's Auto Boss Faces Charges of ... Nothing

Rattner's pay-to-play 'scandal' is common practice

(Newser) - The press is abuzz over Obama auto-recovery boss Steven Rattner’s ties to a pay-to-play scandal, but every story about Rattner mentions he’s not accused of anything. What he apparently did—paid to receive part of a public pension fund to manage—is “an open practice,” so... More »

5 Stories