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6 Weird, Pricey Foods

How much would you pay for a nice bowl of bird spit?

(Newser) - You may have heard of kopi luwak, the coffee brewed from civet poop that sells for $30 a cup. In case you’d like some more bizarre, extravagant food to go along with that…interesting-sounding cup of coffee, The Frisky lists five ideas:
  • Bird Spit Soup: Made from the nests
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Wild Plants—Even Stinging Ones—Wow Foodies

Organic foods make way for wild foods

(Newser) - Move aside, organic veggies—the new hot trend for foodies is eating wild. One forager recommends a leaf with "a bright green note that makes you sit up and pay attention, with a peppery zing. Imagine an untamed spinach." The Wall Street Journal investigates the herb he's speaking... More »

2 Stories