Neil Armstrong

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Priceless Space Artifact Accidentally Sold at Government Auction

It's now the center of a legal fight

(Newser) - A priceless bag used during the first moon walk was accidentally sold at a government auction, and is now the center of a legal dispute, the AP reports. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin tucked moon rocks into the white sack they took with them during the Apollo 11 mission in... More »

Traveling in Deep Space Is Bad for Your Heart

Apollo astronauts are much more likely to die of cardiovascular disease

(Newser) - Planning a trip to the moon? You might want to think about heart health first. According to a study published in Scientific Reports , travel in deep space dramatically raises the risk of cardiovascular disease. Florida State University researchers looked at America's Apollo astronauts, who are the only people ever... More »

Smithsonian Launches $500K Kickstarter for Famous Suit

They'll leave lunar dust on Neil Armstrong's moonwalk getup, though

(Newser) - "Reboot the Suit" is the slogan for the Smithsonian Institution's new campaign to restore Neil Armstrong's famous moonwalk spacesuit—and the museum group has launched its first-ever Kickstarter campaign to reach its $500,000 goal, Smithsonian reports. Funds raised will go toward conserving the spacesuit so it... More »

Neil Armstrong Brought Back 'Purse' From the Moon

Full of 'odds and ends' from Apollo 11

(Newser) - After Neil Armstrong's death, his widow, Carol, found something unexpected in a closet: a white bag full of parts from the Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle. The spacecraft parts were originally thought to have been left on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission, the New York Daily News... More »

For Sale: Neil Armstrong's Moon Heartbeat

EKG shows he remained calm during descent

(Newser) - A unique piece of space memorabilia is hitting the auction block later this month—the first heartbeat on the moon. The electrocardiogram taken as Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon is among 85 Apollo 11-related items being auctioned, including the joystick used to control the module's landing, PC ... More »

Neil Armstrong, a 'Liar'? Please

Astronaut didn't fib about his famous quotation: Andrew Chaikin

(Newser) - Neil Armstrong not only made history, he gave us one of the 20th century's most famous quotes—but did he lie about it for years after? At , Andrew Chaikin is ready to fire that "outrageous accusation" into the stratosphere: "Let’s get one thing straight... More »

Those We Lost in 2012

Whitney Houston, Joe Paterno, Dick Clark, Ravi Shankar

(Newser) - Neil Armstrong would always be taking that first step onto the moon, and Dick Clark was forever "the world's oldest teenager." A look at some of the notables who died in 2012:
  • Etta James, 73. Blues singer best known for her enduring classic "At Last."
... More »

America Bids Farewell to Neil Armstrong

First man on moon praised at DC memorial service

(Newser) - Astronauts, politicians, and members of the public crowded Washington National Cathedral yesterday to say a final farewell to Neil Armstrong, who will be buried at sea today. "He's now slipped the bonds of Earth once again, but what a legacy he left," former Treasury Secretary John Snow... More »

'One Giant Loss for Mankind'

Tributes rolling in for late astronaut

(Newser) - A sample of the early coverage/reaction in the wake of Neil Armstrong's death today at age 82:
  • Huffington Post: Its page-leading banner reads, "One Giant Loss for Mankind."
  • Armstrong family : "The next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down
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Neil Armstrong Dead at 82

Astronaut was first man to walk on the moon

(Newser) - Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon and possibly the most famous astronaut in history, died today at age 82, NBC News reports. He had undergone heart surgery just a few weeks ago. Armstrong led the Apollo 11 team that reached the moon on July 20, 1969,... More »

Neil Armstrong: Moon Landing Had 50-50 Chance

He gives rare interview ... to Australian accountants

(Newser) - Fans of the space program are in for a treat: The normally reticent Neil Armstrong sat down for an hourlong interview about that moon landing of his with, of all outlets, the Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia. Some highlights:
  • 50-50: "I thought we had a 90% chance of getting
... More »

Apollo 11 Engines Found on Ocean Floor

Jeff Bezos plans to bring moon rocket engines to surface

(Newser) - Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says he's discovered the watery resting place of the engines that blasted Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew toward the moon in 1969—and he's not planning on leaving them there. A Bezos Expeditions team found the five F-1 engines at the bottom... More »

Neil Armstrong: Why I Didn't Walk Far on Moon

For one thing, it was really hot

(Newser) - When NPR's Robert Krulwich wondered aloud on his blog why Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked such a short distance on the moon—less than 100 yards—he got a surprise reply from none other than Armstrong himself. Among the reasons: NASA wanted them to stay within the range of... More »

Moon Trash Declared National Treasure

Calif. aims to preserve Apollo urine containers, space boots

(Newser) - California has named the remains of the Apollo 11 mission—including urine containers and space boots—a state historical resource. Experts in the nascent field of space archeology worry that, without preservation, what they call a "sacred site of world history" might be looted by future missions or space... More »

Shuttle Crew Return Moon Rock to Space

Apollo 11 rock left behind as Endeavour finishes mission to ISS

(Newser) - The Endeavour shuttle departed the ISS last night, leaving behind the station's new connecting hub and observation deck as well as one well-traveled lump of rock. A lunar rock brought to Earth by Neil Armstrong and brought to the top of Mount Everest by astronaut Scott Parazynski is now an... More »

California May Claim Moon as 'Historical Resource'

Space fans want to protect landing site

(Newser) - California wants to protect the junk the Apollo 11 astronauts left behind from careless future visitors to the moon. If a state panel approves a proposal to declare the landing site an official historical resource, California would become the first state to protect the location. New Mexico and Texas are... More »

Oops: Onion Dupes Bangladeshi Papers on Fake Moon Landing

(Newser) - Satire just doesn't translate well. Two Bangladeshi newspapers have apologized to readers after breathlessly reporting a US scoop: Neil Armstrong thinks the moon landing was a hoax! Problem is, the story appeared in the Onion. "We've since learned that the fun site runs false and juicy reports based on... More »

Even When He Wins, Tiger Can't Win

(Newser) - Our outsized expectations for the “best player in his sport” mean Tiger Woods can’t get any “slack,” Michael Rosenberg writes for Fox Sports. “He missed the cut at the British Open last month and it was like he showed up drunk and club-less.” And... More »

Apollo 11 Crew Cleared Customs After Splashdown

(Newser) - What do you do when you’re the first men back from the moon and you have a cargo of moon rocks and other lunar specimens? Make a customs declaration, of course. Well, not really, reports. A customs form, filed in Honolulu and released by NASA to commemorate... More »

We Need More Armstrongs, Fewer Jackos

Apollo astronauts exemplify what US celebs should be

(Newser) - It’s unfortunate that American celebrity typically comes in the form of “uninteresting, detestable, loud, or unaccomplished people” like Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton, writes Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal. What society needs is more heroes like the Apollo astronauts—celebrities with “the right stuff,”... More »

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