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Robots Judge Beauty Contest, Get Called Racist

Artificial intelligence was supposed to eliminate bias—but most winners were light-skinned

(Newser) - Can robots be racist? It appears that way, per results from Beauty.AI , a beauty competition designed to take prejudices out of the mix by having algorithms do the judging instead of humans. But results from the competition indicate that even 'bots have biases, the Guardian reports. Forty-four winners... More »

France Wants to Ban 'Hypersexual' Kid Beauty Pageants

France Senate votes to ban them, measure goes to lower house

(Newser) - In what the non-tiara-wearing crowd would call a pretty awesome move, France's Senate has voted to ban child beauty pageants. Under the measure, which must still be approved by the lower house of parliament, organizing such competitions is prohibited, and anyone who enters a child under the age of... More »

Beauty Queen Loses Crown for Going Brunette

Olivia O'Neil didn't 'maintain her image'

(Newser) - A New Zealand teen beauty queen was stripped of her title for the unimaginable offense of...dyeing her hair brown. Olivia O'Neil, whose hair had "white-blonde streaks" when she won the pageant, posted a picture on Facebook of her new darker 'do. Pageant organizer Barbara Osborne posted several comments,... More »

Hungary Holds 'Miss Plastic' Pageant

Beauty contest offers prizes to the surgically-enhanced—and their surgeons

(Newser) - Boob jobs, facelifts, and new noses were on parade in Budapest last night as Hungary held its first "Miss Plastic" pageant. The winners—who had to prove they had actually gone under the knife—received prizes including a new apartment and a new car, and their surgeons took home... More »

Transsexuals Dazzle in Thai Pageant

Annual contest celebrates the 'third gender'

(Newser) - While Americans took a breather from Miss California beauty pageant drama, Thailand held its 12th annual Miss Tiffany Universe contest today, featuring only transsexuals or transvestites, Huffington Post reports. The contest seeks to advance human rights causes for the country’s transgender population, whose “third gender” status is classified... More »

Aussie Pageant Teen 'Dangerously Thin'

Contestant meets World Health Authority standards for malnourishment, says doc

(Newser) - Health experts are sounding the alarm over a dangerously underweight Australian beauty contestant in the Miss Universe pageant in Sydney, reports the Telegraph. Observers were stunned by the protruding bones of 19-year-old Stephanie Naumoska, who stands 5 foot 11 and weighs just 108 pounds. "There appears to be significant... More »

6 Stories