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A Sopranos Prequel Is Coming

It's set during the Newark riots era of the 1960s

(Newser) - Fans of The Sopranos will soon be able to dive back into that world—sort of. David Chase, who created the iconic HBO show, has sold a screenplay for a movie prequel to the series to New Line. The Many Saints of Newark (its working title) is also set in... More »

Han Solo Is Getting His Own Movie

Star Wars spinoff will follow character in his early years

(Newser) - May the Force be with you a little longer. After the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens this Christmas, production will begin on an untitled movie focusing on the back story of Han Solo's character before all the space action you've come to know and love, reports... More »

10 Movie Prequels That Are Actually Good

They're not all 'Oz'

(Newser) - You hear a beloved film is getting a prequel, and you inevitably groan. (See: Oz the Great and Powerful .) But not all origin stories are bad: Time rounds up 10 that are actually quite satisfying:
  • Star Trek: Longtime fans were likely "delightfully astonished and even shocked by JJ
... More »

New Godfather Novel Coming

Prequel based on screenplay by Mario Puzo

(Newser) - Godfather fanboys, rejoice: More of Vito’s tale is on the way, partly from the pen of Mario Puzo, on whose novels the movies were based. The new novel is an adaptation of a screenplay written by the late Puzo that never made it to the silver screen, the Huffington... More »

Next Wizard of Oz: Robert Downey Jr?

Actor is in talks for prequel film

(Newser) - Maybe you don’t picture Robert Downey Jr. as the “desperate and doddering” Wizard of Oz featured in the beloved musical—but what about the “dark and complex charlatan” he’s painted as in L. Frank Baum’s books? Yes, RDJ would be perfect for that role, writes... More »

Cameron Plans Avatar Prequel

Sadly, it will just be a book—for now

(Newser) - Some Avatar fans (like the ones role-playing in this amazing video ) have a bit of a hard time disengaging from James Cameron’s virtual world when the movie ends. Luckily for them, the auteur is planning a prequel—unfortunately, it’s just a book. “Jim wants to write... More »

Baby-Sitters Club Is Back

Classic series gets a reboot, prequel from Scholastic

(Newser) - The latest pop culture franchise to get a reboot doesn’t involve Transformers, GI Joe, or superheroes: Just a bunch of pre-teen baby-sitters. Yes, the Baby-Sitters Club is making a comeback, complete with reissues of the first two volumes and an all-new prequel that explores the once-popular characters’ lives during... More »

Summer's Film Fare: Prequels

Hollywood faces challenges of reviving classics

(Newser) - Hollywood’s set for a summer of prequels, with the backstories of Star Trek, X-Men, and Terminator ripe for the telling. But how do you make a film exciting when everyone knows how it turns out? “We didn’t want to fall into the trap of the first three... More »

8 Stories