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Verizon's iPhone Won't Be Quite the Same

For one thing, no surfing while talking

(Newser) - News that Verizon will start selling the iPhone next year comes with a catch, the Wall Street Journal explains. Because Verizon's technology (CDMA) differs from AT&T's (UMTS), their respective phones will differ in certain ways. Notably, Verizon users won't be able to surf the web or send email while... More »

New iPhone Will Let Verizon, Sprint Play, Too

It uses network not used by current iPhone king AT&T

(Newser) - The days are numbered for AT&T’s monopoly on the iPhone, with Apple set to produce a new version that uses the wireless network favored by the likes of Verizon and Sprint. When a version using the CDMA network (to AT&T's GSM network) will hit the market is... More »

Verizon May Get iPhone in 2010

Deal could come through when AT&T's exclusive rights expire next year

(Newser) - Apple is in talks about developing an iPhone for Verizon’s wireless network—with possible deployment next year, USA Today reports. Currently, the iPhone is only available on AT&T’s GSM network, which is incompatible with Verizon’s CDMA operation. AT&T has exclusive US rights to the iPhone... More »

3 Stories