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Google Logo Honors Holograph Inventor

Hungarian scientist Dennis Gabor would be 110 today

(Newser) - Google's logo today pays homage to Hungarian scientist Dennis Gabor, who's credited with inventing the science of holography. Gabor, who died in 1979, was born 110 years ago today, reports the Telegraph . His invention is, of course, in wide application today—how else would CNN reporters materialize at will? More »

GE Launches Disc That Stores 500GB

(Newser) - General Electric has announced a new DVD-sized disc that holds 500 gigabytes of data—the equivalent of 20 Blu-Ray discs or 100 DVDs. Aimed at archivists but likely headed for the consumer market, the micro-holographic disc saves more data by storing it in three dimensions rather than on the disc's... More »

2 Stories