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New York Socialite Dies in Front Row at Fashion Week

Zelda Kaplan collapses at Joanna Mastroianni show

(Newser) - Zelda Kaplan, a style icon and fashion connoisseur who, it has been said, could "out-party even Paris Hilton," collapsed in the front row of the Joanna Mastroianni Fashion Week show yesterday and was later pronounced dead. The 95-year-old "slumped forward," witnesses say, and was carried out... More »

Hacker Steals $500K From NYC Socialite

Cyber-thief got into her email, impersonated her

(Newser) - A billionaire Manhattan socialite got swindled out of about $550,000 last week after a hacker broke into her email account, reports the New York Post . The online bandit got access to personal information about Candia Fisher, a member of the Fisher Brothers real estate clan, and used it to... More »

'Wealthiest Divorcee' Files for Bankruptcy

Patricia Kluge and husband have $46M in liabilities, says lawyer

(Newser) - Patricia Kluge's downfall appears to be complete: The one-time billionaire divorcee and winemaker filed for personal bankruptcy protection this week, the New York Post reports. Kluge, a socialite and one-time pin-up girl, snagged a reported $1 billion in her 1990 divorce, along with a 45-room mansion. But the 62-year-old... More »

Patricia Kluge: Downfall of a Billionaire Socialite

She overspent on an extravagant winery that tanked and lost it all

(Newser) - Patricia Kluge was a wealthy socialite with an exotic past, recipient of gifts from royalty and a rumored $1 billion divorce settlement. Now she’s living in a paltry 6,000 square feet, having auctioned off many of her luxuries before the banks foreclosed on her 960-acre winery and seized... More »

Why Kim Is the New Paris

They're both 'famous for doing nothing'

(Newser) - Just when you were getting relieved—Paris Hilton gossip seems to be waning!—the Sun has some bad news for you: There’s a new Paris Hilton in town, and her name is Kim Kardashian. Evidence:
  • Kim is dating Paris’ ex: Cristiano Ronaldo, to be specific.
  • She finally crossed
... More »

Tinsley Mortimer's High Society Is Hideous

Socialite's CW reality show caters to the lowest common denominator

(Newser) - Tinsley Mortimer is yet another socialite with an awful reality show, but she came by her newfound reality star status by way of “some of the world’s finest institutions of learning.” She did, in fact, “at one point have some breeding,” writes Troy Patterson in... More »

Casey Johnson May Have ODed ...on NyQuil

Autopsy report shows no illegal drug abuse

(Newser) - Casey Johnson’s complete autopsy report was released yesterday, and it includes a few surprises—like the socialite’s “history of possible excess use of NyQuil.” No evidence of illegal drug abuse was found, however, and the official cause of death remains diabetic ketoacidosis, as previously reported . Insulin,... More »

Socialites in Catfight Over Casey Johnson's Dogs

Tila Tequila thinks Bijou Phillips, Nicky Hilton will put them down

(Newser) - In the wake of fiancee Casey Johnson’s death, Tila Tequila has declared “war” against Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips for taking Johnson’s dogs from her. “They don't care about the dogs. They are putting them to sleep to bury with Casey,” Tequila claims, although Phillips... More »

Casey Johnson: Drama Surrounds Me

Heiress' troubled life remembered

(Newser) - Casey Johnson’s premature death caps a lifetime of trouble that the heiress herself summed up in a 2006 Vanity Fair piece: “Drama seems to kind of surround me.” Peter Davis, who first met Johnson a decade ago as a leather-clad “Chapin girl” who idolized Marilyn Monroe,... More »

Guinness Heiress Was Randy, Not Drunk, on Plane: Court

Jury decides socialite accused of drunken striptease wasn't intoxicated

(Newser) - Socialite Clare Irby may have stripped down to her underwear on a flight from India earlier this year but she wasn't drunk, a British jury decided yesterday. Irby, a descendant of the Guinness brewing family, downed glasses of wine, stripped, and let another passenger kiss and fondle her—but she... More »

Guinness Heiress In Court for Drunken Striptease on Plane

'Cavorted' with passenger, threw child's dirty diaper, testify witnesses

(Newser) - A descendant of the Guinness brewing family got so drunk on a long flight that she "cavorted" with a male passenger, took off her skirt, and threw her son’s dirty diaper into a row of seats, observers say. A flight attendant said “she had absolutely no clue... More »

Son 'Manhandled Astor to Change Will': Prosecutor

Anthony Marshall exploited mom's dementia to funnel fortune to him, says prosecutor.

(Newser) - Brooke Astor's son "dragged" his frail mom from her nurse's arms to a closed-door meeting about her will, which was immediately changed in his favor, according to the prosecutor at the heir's  fraud and grand larceny trial yesterday in New York. Anthony Marshall exploited his vulnerable mother's dementia to... More »

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