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Pa. Dem Chris Carney Rejects GOP Overtures

Despite McCain call, he'll remain with Dems

(Newser) - Despite a Republican full-court press that included a call from Sen. John McCain, Pennsylvania Rep. Chris Carney won’t jump ship from the Democratic Party, he tells Roll Call . The GOP has gotten “nibbles” from Carney, a source told Politico earlier, leading to the call from McCain, a fellow... More »

Blue Dog Rep. Griffith Switches Parties

Alabama Rep. will become a Republican

(Newser) - After less than a year in the House, Blue Dog Democrat Parker Griffith is hopping across the aisle to join the GOP. The Alabama congressman will make the announcement this afternoon, an Alabama Republican Party source tells the Hill . He will cite health care legislation as his main reason, says... More »

Specter Finds His Inner Democrat

After rocky beginning, GOP turncoat sticks to new side of aisle

(Newser) - Arlen Specter’s first days as a Democrat may not have gone well, but since then he’s settled in and sided with his new party on nearly every vote, Politico reports. He’s gone from staunch opponent of the Employee Free Choice act to a key negotiator for it,... More »

Dems in a Snit Over Specter's Cozy Deal

Senate honchos fume as newbie prepares to leapfrog to top jobs

(Newser) - Some top Democratic senators are rebelling against the deal that brought Arlen Specter into the fold, the Hill reports. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told the aisle-crosser he could keep the 28 years of seniority he gained as a GOP senator, infuriating long-serving Democrats whom Specter will now likely leapfrog... More »

Biden Wooed Specter for Years

(Newser) - Joe Biden is the Democrat perhaps most responsible for Arlen Specter’s defection, Politico reports. The VP told a crowd yesterday that he had been trying to convince the Pennsylvania Republican “that he is really a Democrat” for more than 20 years. Specter's onetime Senate colleague recently stepped up... More »

New Kansas Governor Is Party Switcher

Mark Parkinson, who turned Dem to run with Sebelius, sworn in

(Newser) - With Kathleen Sebelius now confirmed as the country's new health and human services secretary, Kansas has a new governor: Mark Parkinson, a Republican-turned-Democrat who will serve out her term until the end of next year. At a hastily assembled inauguration ceremony Parkinson pledged to alleviate "the real pain that... More »

Specter: I'm Not 'Automatic 60th Vote' for Dems

GOP colleagues 'stunned,' angered by senator's party switch

(Newser) - Newly minted Democrat Arlen Specter said he will not blindly toe the party line, Politico reports. “I will not be an automatic 60th vote,” the veteran Pennsylvania senator said, pointing out recent opposition to a unionization bill. “If the Democratic Party asks too much, I will not... More »

7 Stories