Chevrolet Cruze

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GM Recalls 475K Chevy Cruzes

Automaker says the engines might catch fire

(Newser) - A black eye for GM today: It's recalling more than 475,000 Chevy Cruzes because the engines might start on fire, reports the Detroit Free Press . The recall covers all those in the 2011-12 model years and comes after reports of 30 fires. Most occurred after fluid got trapped... More »

Hybrids' New Rival: Ye Olde Gas Engine

Conventional cars are giving hybrids a run for their money

(Newser) - Hybrids are gas-sipping wonders, and electric cars may be the green wave of the future, but oil-addicted America's best hope may be ... the conventional gasoline engine, reports the Washington Post . GM, Ford, and Hyundai are now selling cars with conventional engines that get 40mpg or better on the highway, and... More »

$1B Buys Quiet, 'Potent' Ride

(Newser) - To allay skepticism about progress on the development of the much-ballyhooed Chevrolet Volt, GM let Chuck Squatriglia of Wired take an engineering prototype for a spin. The vehicle—a Chevy Cruze with a Volt drivetrain—didn’t look like much, and not all of the features worked, but the ride... More »

3 Stories