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Cops: Napa Winery Owner 'Executed' Investor

Business meeting ends in dramatic murder-suicide

(Newser) - An attempt at reconciliation between feuding business partners turned into a tragic murder-suicide this week. Investor Emad Tawfilis met with Robert Dahl at Napa's Dahl Vineyards on Monday to discuss a financial dispute, with their lawyers on speakerphone. But when the call ended during a break, police say Dahl... More »

Winery Slammed for Hawking 9/11 Wine

Seriously, nobody is happy about it

(Newser) - One from the Bad Taste Hall of Fame: A Long Island winery is getting slammed for its decision to release two new wines ... in honor of 9/11. Almost every detail about the wine, as reported by the LA Times , is cringeworthy. The price? $19.11 a bottle. What to expect... More »

Whole Lotta Rosé: AC/DC Selling Wine

But you gotta be in Australia to get your hands on Back in Black Shiraz

(Newser) - Rock 'n' roll veterans AC/DC have a new way to shake fans all night long—with their own line of wines, reports CNN . Working in conjunction with the Warburn Estate winery, the band will offer four wines named after some of their most famous songs: Back in Black Shiraz,... More »

Trump Buys Winery of Embattled Former Billionaire

Patricia Kluge will likely stay on, he says

(Newser) - The strange saga of former billionaire Patricia Kluge continues: Her winery was snapped up at a foreclosure auction yesterday by none other than Donald Trump. The 776-acre Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard "had a $28 million mortgage on it, and I bought it for $6.2 million," Trump... More »

Vegetarians: Beware That Glass of Wine

Vintners often use animal products in production

(Newser) - Just because it's made from grapes doesn't mean a glass of wine is OK for committed vegetarians. Many vintners use animal products made from bones or even fish bladders in the final clarifying stages, explains Steven Kolpan. The good news is that only minuscule amounts of the so-called fining agents... More »

In Search of Profit, Tobacco Farms Morph Into Vineyards

(Newser) - A falloff in demand and an end to subsidies has tobacco farmers across the country turning to the vino, the Wall Street Journal reports—farming grapes and making wine, that is. “The small-plot tobacco farmer is a thing of the past,” says a North Carolina wine official, who... More »

Wine, Meet Your Future: Plastics

(Newser) - Screw tops, boxes, and now—plastic bottles? A move is afoot to package wine in low-cost, lighter plastic containers, the Los Angeles Times reports. The bottles come with an expiration date because the plastic does not provide the same airtight seal as glass. But because most wine sold in the... More »

This Guy's Getting $60K to Tweet About Wine

Winner will live in California, Tweet about wine

(Newser) - Hardy Wallace recently lost his job—but he’ll soon be making $10,000 a month promoting Murphy-Goode winery on the Web, as the winner of the much-touted “Really Goode Job,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The Atlantan, who has a wine blog and has taken sommelier education... More »

Cheap—and Good— Wine Websites

Wineries, buyers both benefit from direct sales

(Newser) - With wine sales plateauing, wineries are embracing direct, discounted sales in what amounts to a win-win situation for sellers and buyers. The Los Angeles Times singles out the top discount websites:
  • sells one wine at a time until it’s gone. The site usually offers two or three
... More »

Vineyard Offers $10K/Month to Drink, Tweet About Wine

(Newser) - A California winery has a tempting offer for tech-savvy oenophiles, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The Murphy-Goode Winery will set up the right candidate with a $10,000-a-month job at its Sonoma County HQ blogging and Twittering about, well, wine. The 6-month gig includes room and board; the 2-month hiring... More »

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