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Clueless Actress Announces Separation From Husband

Alicia Silverstone had been married to Christopher Jarecki for 13 years, together for more than 20

(Newser) - Good news for one Clueless star, not-so-great news for another. The same day that it was announced Stacey Dash is running for Congress , word filtered out that Alicia Silverstone is separating from her husband of 13 years, musician Christopher Jarecki. "They still deeply love and respect each other and... More »

Twitter Not Being Kind to Serial Sexter Weiner

Plus: Weiner and Abedin have reportedly been 'estranged' for about a year

(Newser) - Huma Abedin is separating from Anthony Weiner after his latest online sexcapades, this time involving a series of sexts apparently sent between Weiner and an unnamed "40-something divorcee." But a source said to be close to Abedin tells Politico the couple had already been "estranged" and... More »

Pope: Sometimes, Couples Should Split

Especially if the kids are in danger, he says

(Newser) - Pope Francis addressed damaging dynamics within families yesteday, saying sometimes the separation of a husband and wife may be "inevitable" or "even morally necessary" to protect the "weaker spouse or small children." Francis said some troubled spouses are able to overcome their problems and revive their... More »

Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin Split

She calls it a 'conscious uncoupling' after 10 years of marriage

(Newser) - It's a major celeb breakup: Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay's Chris Martin have decided to separate after 10 years of marriage, reports TMZ . It was actually Paltrow herself who broke the news on her Goop website , under the very Paltrow-esque headline of "Conscious Uncoupling." She and Martin... More »

Clint Eastwood, Wife Split

They separate after 17 years of marriage

(Newser) - Clint Eastwood and his younger wife of 17 years are separated, reports US Weekly . Eastwood is 83 and wife Dina 48. TMZ says the two have been living apart for a while but "remain close." They have one child together, 16-year-old daughter Morgan, though Clint has seven children... More »

'Pregnant Man' Splits From Wife

Spotlight, finances put stress on family

(Newser) - The "Pregnant Man" is separating from his wife of nine years. "Like all marriages, we have our ups and downs, and we’re going through a rough patch right now," Thomas Beatie, 38, revealed on a taped CBS program . "At the moment, we're separated."... More »

CNN Stars John King, Dana Bash Separate

Pair have been married 4 years

(Newser) - CNN's married political reporters John King and Dana Bash have separated, friends tell the Washington Post . The couple, married almost four years, have been living separately for several months, insiders say. King converted to Judaism prior to their marriage. "They continue to co-parent their young son"—Jonah,... More »

Before Divorce, Try ... Splitting Up

Lots of marriage counselors think six months can do the trick

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal dips into marriage therapy, talking to a host of counselors who think a separation of about six months can work wonders for a troubled relationship. It can't just be one person storming out, though. Both partners need to agree on finances, child care, and other... More »

Is This Arnold's Mistress's House?

Media frenzy descends on Baena Family in Bakersfield

(Newser) - A once-quiet Baskersfield neighborhood was disrupted yesterday when the media learned that former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the father of his former household staff member's 13-year-old son—who might live in one of the neighborhood's homes. TV satellite trucks gridlocked the block where Mildred Patricia Baena and her... More »

Courteney Cox, David Arquette Separate

Pair still 'love each other deeply,' co-starring in ' 'Scream 4' next year

(Newser) - It might be all over but the Scream 4-ing: Courteney Cox Arquette and hubby David Arquette announced today that they've been on a trial separation for some time, reports People. The longtime couple's statement came in response to reports that they'd split, and stresses that they "remain best friends... More »

Gore Daughter's Marriage on the Rocks

Karenna's separation makes for bad week for wedded bliss

(Newser) - It's not a good time for wedded bliss and the Gore tribe: On the heels of Al and Tipper's separation comes the news that oldest daughter Karenna's marriage is likewise on the rocks. Karenna Gore Schiff and Andrew Schiff "have been separated for a couple of months and in... More »

Al and Tipper Gore Separate

Ex-VP and wife, married 40 years, were college sweethearts

(Newser) - Two weeks after celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, Al and Tipper Gore are separating, Politico reports . The Nobel laureate and former vice president and his wife, a photographer and sometime activist, broke the news to friends in an email saying "that after a great deal of thought and discussion,... More »

Rumors True: John, Elizabeth Edwards Split

Her friend and sister confirm reports they've separated

(Newser) - The rumors are confirmed: John and Elizabeth Edwards have legally separated. A friend of Elizabeth's, speaking on her behalf, tells the AP that she wants to move on with her life. And in an interview with People , Elizabeth's sister says she made the decision after meeting the love child of... More »

Docs Separate Conjoined Twins in 25-Hour Surgery

Aussie surgeons still unsure if girls will survive

(Newser) - Twin Bangladeshi girls who were joined at the top of their heads and shared blood vessels and brain tissue were successfully separated Tuesday in Australia after 25 hours of delicate surgery, hospital officials said. It is too early to know whether the 2-year-olds, Trishna and Krishna, suffered any brain damage... More »

Paris Divorce Fair Thrives on Breakups

Get legal advice and plastic surgery for life's next phase

(Newser) - The annual Paris Marriage Fair has spawned a modern offspring—a Divorce Fair. “Divorce has lost its stigma,” says its organizer; nearly 50% of French marriages, including two of Nicolas Sarkozy's, don't last. Booths at the fair offered services from divorce lawyers, tarot card readers, self-esteem coaches, and... More »

Kate Wants Spousal, Child Support from Jon

Kids are 'acting out' as Gosselin split turns even uglier

(Newser) - After making nice for a day while their twins turned 9, the Gosselins are back in the ring, with Kate filing court papers demanding child support and temporary spousal support. "She needs relief in light of the draining of substantial marital assets," namely Jon's withdrawal of $230,000... More »

Norman, Evert Separate

Coupling of golf, tennis legends hits skids after 15 months of marriage

(Newser) - The pairing of sports legends Greg Norman and Chris Evert is on the rocks, with the couple—both 54—announcing today they’ve separated after 15 months of marriage. If a divorce is in the works, they didn’t say. The announcement comes ahead of an international golf competition for... More »

Three Strikes: Wright Files to Divorce Penn, Again

(Newser) - There’s been a third divorce filing between Robin Wright Penn and hubby Sean Penn, Access Hollywood reports. The Penns have been on the outs, on and off, for years, but this time could be official. The fairer Penn claims “irreconcilable differences,” though the couple agrees to share... More »

Long Wars Fray Military Marriages

Brief homecomings make healing difficult

(Newser) - With the Iraq and Afghanistan wars dragging on, long, multiple deployments are taking a toll on military families, USA Today reports. Troops develop instincts on the battlefield that don’t translate at home, while spouses learn to live independently—and when troops return home, there’s often too little time... More »

Bonds' Wife Takes Him Back

(Newser) - Barry Bonds has one less legal problem to worry about, TMZ reports: Once-estranged wife Liz Watson has filed to dismiss the legal separation papers she filed last month. The pair has been married since 1988, with one daughter. Watson filed the documents June 5, citing irreconcilable differences. More »

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