Tennessee whiskey

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It's Time to Recognize the Slave Behind Jack Daniel's

Nearest Green gets own foundation, scholarship, park, and whiskey, of course

(Newser) - Few lovers of Tennessee whiskey likely know they owe their favorite drink to a slave named Nearest Green. Jack Daniel's only recently started publicly recognizing Green's vital role in its history, according to a New York Times story that went viral last year. But Green's time as—... More »

Hot 'New' Drink: Moonshine

Even Walmart's carrying the stuff

(Newser) - Moonshine is making a comeback—and it's very much legal. Of course, that may be a contradiction in terms, at least when it comes to moonshine's traditional definition. But today, the term tends to refer to any unaged white whiskey, and the market for the stuff is growing.... More »

2 Stories