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Leave Your Tats to Loved Ones When You Die

Dutch foundation will remove and treat inked skin

(Newser) - People bestow money, pictures, jewelry, and even their ashes to loved ones when they die. Now an entrepreneur in Holland wants to help people take it to the next level—a level that's incredibly personal and somewhat macabre. Peter Van der Helm last year established Walls and Skin , a... More »

Want Free Art? Get A Tattoo

Canadian artists trade artworks for flesh space

(Newser) - A growing number of Canadian artists are giving away art to fans who are willing to wear it permanently, the Globe & Mail reports. The art buffs get free prints and a tattoo, while artists put their work out there on human flesh. "When I say 'this is by... More »

Fewer Blink at Prominent Ink

Really visible tattoos—like on the neck and hands—appear on doctors, teachers

(Newser) - Aggressively visible tattoos, like those on the neck and hands, are no longer the sole purview of ne’er-do-wells and pop stars, the New York Times reports. Until recently, most reputable tattoo artists wouldn’t dare cross the cuff or the collar of a subject with a straight job. But... More »

Olympics Fervor Prompts Beijing Tattoo Craze

Taboos fall as China's new generation gets into body art

(Newser) - Beijing tattoo artists have had a steady stream of customers seeking permanent Olympic souvenirs in recent weeks, the New York Times reports. Tattoo parlors were rare in China a decade ago, but hundreds have sprouted as taboos have begun to fall. American influence is strong, but artists are seeking to... More »

Marines Take Aim At "Excessive" Tattoos

Big body art banned below the elbow, knee

(Newser) - There's a run on tattoo parlors this weekend as U.S. Marines ink themselves up before a new ban on "excessive" body art in visible areas takes effect Sunday, says USA Today. Commanders are fighting back against the increasingly in-your-face tattoos favored by enlistees on biceps and forearms visible... More »

5 Stories