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Downside of Life in a Rich Nation: More Stress

New study finds that those who live in poorer countries are less stressed

(Newser) - One unhappy side effect of living in a well-off country? The people who live in the richest countries experience more stress and anger than those who live in less wealthy nations, a new study finds. "Life [in an affluent country] is more fast-paced, and there are just so many... More »

IQ Tests for 4-Year-Olds Reveal Nothing but Wealth

Gifted and talented programs might as well just choose rich kids

(Newser) - A common fear among high school juniors is an SAT score so bad it derails ambitious future plans. A similar fear grips affluent New Yorkers—but the kids in question are 4-year-olds taking IQ tests. The tests are de rigueur for admission to prestigious kindergartens, which feed into top high... More »

Addicted to Facebook? You're Likely Urban and Affluent

MySpace users tend to be poorer

(Newser) - Facebook and Twitter users are more likely to be urban and affluent than the rest of the US population, according to a new Nielsen study, while MySpace aficionados tend to have lower incomes. People in the top third of the income bracket are 25% more likely to use Facebook than... More »

Rich Feel 'Guilty' Spending Now: Poll

(Newser) - Even the still-rich are unhappy in this economic climate, though their dolor is more likely to come from shame than anything else, USA Today reports. 54% of people who have $100,000 to spend after such mundane things like mortgage payments and taxes “feel guilty purchasing luxury goods” nowadays,... More »

4 Stories