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$26.3M Settlement Possible in Hair Product Lawsuit

Those who suffered extreme reactions to Wen by Chaz Dean products could get up to $20K

(Newser) - A $26.3 million settlement has been given the preliminary green light in a class-action lawsuit by more than 200 women over what they say are damaging hair-care products—meaning around 6 million people may soon be richer for their tress troubles. An LA federal judge gave an initial OK... More »

How Drybar Is Remaking the Beauty Salon

Drybar expects $100M in sales this year

(Newser) - As a kid, Alli Webb had no idea what she wanted to do. After high school, she worked as a hairstylist before becoming a stay-at-home mom. Then in 2008, she started giving women blowouts in their own homes. Eight years later, her 61 Drybar salons are expected to pull in... More »

New Worry: Having an 'Old' Hair Day

Haircare industry cashes in on aging population's thinning locks

(Newser) - The haircare industry has a problem: The population is aging, and older people wash their hair less. How to avoid losing all those valuable baby boomer buyers? "Anti-aging" hair products. Women are already willing to shell out serious cash for beauty products that promise to fight wrinkles and age... More »

Good Hair Has a Few Knots

Chris Rock shines as interviewer, but social issues get lost in the weave

(Newser) - Chris Rock is a natural and hilarious interviewer, critics agree. But watchers are split on whether the substance of a rather complicated debate shines through in Big Hair, his documentary on black women and their coifs. A sampling:
  • Rock has helped craft a film with "much good feeling and
... More »

Hipster Hair Gets Even Wackier

What does it mean? Even the stylists aren't sure

(Newser) - More and more men are traipsing to salons to achieve what one adherent calls “non-normative hair.” From Afros to dreads, Mohawks to pompadours, stylists are helping hipsters express themselves. One hairdresser even offers intentionally imperfect cuts, “so it looks like they cut it themselves in their bathroom,... More »

Your Shampoo Is Chock Full of Toxins

Few ingredients contribute to cleaning

(Newser) - Most of what’s in shampoo does nothing to cleanse—instead, it “strokes your emotions,” writes Bill Bunn in Salon. If your hair is greasy, you simply need detergent. But shampoos contain a variety of other ingredients—two-thirds by volume—intended to make you feel good about the... More »

Harry: I Don't Wash My Hair

Wilder prince into alternative hair care

(Newser) - Apparently Prince Harry's tufty ginger locks are due to something more than genetics. He boasted to buddies at a bar recently that he hasn't washed his hair in two years, reports the Telegraph. He's likely a follower of a low-maintenance quirky health theory that claims hair effectively cleans itself once... More »

7 Stories