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Things Go From 'Horrible to Bad' for Honeybees

Survey finds signs of hope

(Newser) - Things aren't looking quite as bad for America's honeybees as they were a few years ago, but it is far too early to declare the crisis over, according to the annual survey carried out by the Bee Informed Partnership . The survey found that beekeepers lost 21% of their... More »

'Lowlife ... Bee Rustlers' Steal $90K Worth of Honeybees

Suspects are still at large

(Newser) - Last month, Texas thieves made off with $90,000 worth of ... bees. A Danbury beekeeper says he discovered 300 of his honey bee colonies were missing from a cattle ranch on Dec. 17, the Houston Chronicle reports. Randy Verhoek's bees are typically unattended as they spend the winter on... More »

SC Sprays for Zika, Kills Millions of Bees

Beekeepers in Dorchester County say they weren't warned

(Newser) - The plan was to kill droves of mosquitoes to combat West Nile and Zika in South Carolina. An unexpected result: millions of honeybees ended up dead, too. Officials in Dorchester County who approved Sunday's aerial spraying of an insecticide have apologized after beekeepers lost entire hives and their livelihoods.... More »

Scientists: We've Been Giving Bees Birth Control

Neonicotinoids come with 'lethal and sub-lethal' side effects

(Newser) - Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for bees , a new study suggests we've been inadvertently feeding them birth control. Previous research has shown the world's most widely used pesticides, neonicotinoids, have hurt the lifespan and reproduction of honeybee queens and reduced the number of bumblebee... More »

11-Year-Old's Lemonade Now on Sale at Whole Foods

Mikaila Ulmer first won a $60K investment on Shark Tank

(Newser) - A sixth-grader in Austin, Texas, has turned a lemonade stand into a booming business now that she has expanded her reach to multiple states through a deal with Whole Foods, reports Time . Mikaila Ulmer's secret recipe for BeeSweet Lemonade comes from her great-grandmother, and contains flax seed and honey... More »

Bee Die-Off Goes From Bad to Worse

Beekeepers lost 42% of colonies over 12-month period: survey

(Newser) - The honeybee die-off appears to have taken a turn for the worse to the chagrin of beekeepers. An annual survey finds beekeepers lost 42% of their colonies from April 2014 to the same month this year—the second-worst period for bees since surveys started in 2010. The previous 12-month period... More »

Lowe's to Stop Selling Pesticide That May Harm Bees

Neonicotinoids to be removed from stores by 2019

(Newser) - Lowe's is saying so long to a class of pesticides that may be contributing to our dwindling honeybee population. The home improvement chain said yesterday it will phase out pesticides known as neonicotinoids , or neonics; they'll be completely gone from store shelves and absent from plants the store... More »

How Bee Venom Might Fight Cancer

Researchers use synthetic form to safely attack tumors

(Newser) - Locked within the honeybee’s painful sting is a toxin that could fight cancer, CNN reports. Though in its early stages, research shows that venom from bees, snakes, and scorpions can stop the growth of cancer cells. University of Illinois scientist Dipanjan Pan has taken the research one step further... More »

Truck Flips, Dumps 20M Angry Bees on Highway

Delaware beekeepers rush to the rescue

(Newser) - It might seem that if you were hauling around, say, 20 million or so passengers who could sting the hell out of you, you might proceed with an abundance of caution. Such was not the fate of a Florida-to-Maine driver this week, who failed to negotiate an on-ramp in Delaware,... More »

Bee Die-Offs Tied to Tobacco Plant 'STD'

Tobacco ringspot virus jumped from tobacco to soy to bees: study

(Newser) - Honeybees have been dying in huge numbers since 2006, and a new study finds that a virus may be one cause. The tobacco ringspot virus has mutated quickly and jumped from tobacco plants to soy plants to bees, researchers say, and the annual increase in honeybee deaths between autumn and... More »

Honeybees Trained to Find Land Mines

Move over, dogs and rats

(Newser) - Honeybees are better known for producing delicious condiments than saving lives, but all that could change thanks to a team of Croatian researchers, who are training them to find unexploded land mines. Bees have an excellent sense of smell, which they use to find food, so the researchers are reprogramming... More »

Honeybee Deaths Spike Again

Beekeepers say problem got much worse in 2012

(Newser) - Headlines about honeybees dying off may seem to have tapered off, but that doesn't mean the problem has gone away. In fact, it appears to have gotten "drastically" worse in the last year, reports the New York Times . Commercial beekeepers say 40% to 50% of their already diminished... More »

'Zombie Bees' Turn Up in Washington State

Parasite makes them fly at night before dying

(Newser) - Maybe the only positive thing in this story from the Seattle Times is that the name "zombie bees" is sure to draw attention to the problem. A local beekeeper has found Washington state's first documented case of the "zombie bees," which refers to a deadly parasite... More »

New Studies Blame Pesticides for Bee Decline

They show 'big effects' in natural environment

(Newser) - Scientists have a new lead in the mystery of the disappearing bees . While pesticides had only a "trivial" effect on honeybee populations in lab experiments, a researcher says studies in natural settings have shown that the chemicals can have "big effects," reports the Guardian . Common pesticides known... More »

Bees Might Have Personalities

Some are more adventurous than others: Study

(Newser) - Bees are not merely mindless, mechanical insects with rigid behavior patterns. They may actually exhibit personalities and feelings. A new study from the University of Illinois reveals that some bees display a higher willingness to head off on adventures than others, which can be interpreted as a personality trait, reports... More »

Why Bee Trucks Keep Crashing

Bee disease has forced drivers to shuttle the insects around

(Newser) - A truck packed with 25 million bees crashed in Utah today , only a few months after a smashed-up semi released 14 million bees Idaho. And last year, a Minnesota crash saw 17 million bees fly flee. Why so many incidents? LiveScience explains: As a mysterious bee epidemic continues to decimate... More »

Angry Bees Send 4 to Calif. Hospital

Man in wheelchair stung 60 times

(Newser) - Bees are on the warpath again. Thousands of the angry stingers swarmed four men in a Southern California storage yard yesterday, sending them all to the hospital. The attack began when a man in a wheelchair somehow disrupted a hive. He was stung more than 60 times and had tumbled... More »

Honeybee Killer Finally Found

Colonies collapsing due to fungus-virus combination

(Newser) - For years, experts have been trying to figure out what is killing all the honeybees—and they may finally have an answer. Since 2006, 20% to 40% of US bee colonies have collapsed, and suspected causes have included genetically modified corn , pesticides , and bad weather . New research, however, points to... More »

Honeybees Stung by Bad Winter, Pesticides

4-year run of dropping numbers just got worse

(Newser) - Beleaguered honeybees are having a harder time than ever before after an especially harsh winter and heavy pesticides discovered in their hives and pollen. A massive die-off of the valuable creatures is topping off 4 years of troubling population declines. Scientists are trying to nail down the exact mechanism causing... More »

Bees Can Count, Scientists Claim—Up to 4, That Is

But they cannot go beyond 4

(Newser) - Honey bees can count up to four, Australian researchers have found, but no higher. In a University of Queensland study, bees repeatedly flew to the same marked spot in a tunnel, even when it did not hold food, Reuters reports. "We find that if you train them to the... More »

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