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NSA Harvesting Contact Lists From Gmail, Facebook

Snowden leak indicates agency is collecting more than 250M lists per year

(Newser) - The Washington Post has the latest document leak from Edward Snowden, revealing that the NSA has been collecting hundreds of millions of contact lists from email, social media, and IM accounts around the world—including those of Americans. The agency then uses those lists to uncover and map connections and... More »

Bye-Bye Hotmail, Hello

Big change for Microsoft email services

(Newser) - Say farewell to a huge relic of the 1990s: Microsoft is shutting down Hotmail and "upgrading" Hotmail users to its just-launched service. But don't worry, you don't have to give up your account; Hotmail users will be allowed to retain their email addresses... More »

1M Android Forum Users' Data Hacked

Yahoo attack also hit Gmail, Hotmail, AOL

(Newser) - Another major security breach has emerged a day after news of a Yahoo hack targeting 450,000 users, this time at an online forum for Android users. Hackers snagged user IDs, email addresses, passwords, and more in an attack on Android Forums' more than 1 million users, ZDNet reports. An... More »

Look Out, Gmail: Revamped Hotmail Is Sharp

Your old email address is no longer embarrassing

(Newser) - Hotmail was revolutionary when it debuted in 1996—but now it’s “old. Really old,” writes Farhad Manjoo. With this summer’s “fantastic new upgrade,” however, Hotmail is once again a player—even up to par with Manjoo’s beloved Gmail. His favorite feature: “Quick... More »

Email Scam Reveals How Crummy Passwords Are

'123456' was most common single password of 10,000 revealed

(Newser) - The hackers who stole the logins and passwords for thousands of email accounts in a phishing scam that came to light this week likely lured users with fake “security check” forms. But for many users, they wouldn’t have needed to expend that much energy: the most common single... More »

How to Avoid Becoming a Phishing Victim

Simple precautions can keep info out of scammers' hands

(Newser) - Phishing scams are becoming a lot more sophisticated. Unwary Internet users can easily end up with their bank account and credit card details in the hands of crooks. CNET lists the best ways to avoid becoming a victim:
  • Change passwords regularly. Experts recommend that passwords be changed every three months
... More »

Hotmail Phishing Scam Also Took In Gmail Users

Hotmail users not alone; scheme was 'industry-wide'

(Newser) - Hotmail users weren’t the only ones compromised in the huge phishing scheme that came to light yesterday. Another 20,000 email accounts and passwords have surfaced, bearing addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and other services, the BBC reports. Google has found a third list but hasn't detailed its contents.... More »

Hackers Post 10K Hotmail Passwords Online

Operation may have thousands more; Microsoft investigating

(Newser) - Names and passwords for at least 10,000 compromised Hotmail email accounts were made public today, and Microsoft says it's investigating. A list of account names and passwords that was posted to a software development forum may only be a small part of the cache of stolen info—it consisted... More »

China Blocks Twitter Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary

Flickr, Hotmail, Bing get shut down

(Newser) - As Thursday's 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre approaches, China has blocked access to Twitter, Flickr, and Hotmail, among other sites, TechCrunch reports. “The lead-up to any date like this is usually a time when the Firewall is tightened,” notes Mike Butcher, who was told by a... More »

Al-Qaeda Used Hotmail, Simple Codes to Plan 9/11

(Newser) - In the days following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, alleged al-Qaeda operations mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed intended to use his free Hotmail account to direct a US-based operative to carry out an attack, according to a guilty plea agreement filed by Al Saleh Kahlah al-Marri in federal court. The document... More »

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