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Italian Prince Dies in Horrific Cycling Accident

He was pinned beneath a truck in London

(Newser) - An Italian prince has died in a tragic accident on the streets of London. Filippo Corsini, 21 and "the heir to one of Florence's oldest and most illustrious families," per the Guardian , was cycling in the city around 12:30pm Monday when he was hit by a... More »

Saudi Arabia Just Executed a Prince

Prince Turki fatally shot a friend in 2012

(Newser) - Being a royal won't save your life in Saudi Arabia if you're convicted of murder. Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir, who fatally shot a friend in a "group quarrel" at a desert camp in December 2012, was executed in Riyadh on Tuesday, state media reports, per CNN... More »

Lifeguard Didn't Know He Was Saving Heir to Throne

Nick Malcolm rescued Denmark's Prince Christian, 10, from perilous Aussie riptide

(Newser) - A lifeguard on Australia's Gold Coast saved a 10-year-old boy from rough waters Thursday, except it wasn't just any 10-year-old boy: It was Denmark's Prince Christian, on vacation with his family, 7 News Australia reports. The young heir to the throne was caught in a riptide at... More »

Saudi Prince Arrested at Airport With 2 Tons of Drugs

Authorities allegedly found amphetamines on his private plane

(Newser) - A Saudi prince was arrested in Beirut Monday after Lebanese security forces at Rafik Hariri International Airport allegedly found an incredible two tons of drugs on his private plane. Abd al-Muhsen bin Walid bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud was about to fly back to Saudi Arabia at the time, RT.... More »

Zuckerberg Private Eye Was Out to Intimidate: Developer

Mircea Voskerician makes claim in recent court filing

(Newser) - An ongoing battle between Mark Zuckerberg and a real estate developer is getting nastier—and a little weird. Developer Mircea Voskerician, who is suing the Facebook founder , says a Zuckerberg-hired private detective tried to intimidate a friend of Voskerician's and witness in the suit, Bloomberg reports. The lawsuit hinges... More »

Dutch Prince Caught in Avalanche May Not Wake Up

Doctors say Johan Friso was in cardiac arrest for 50 minutes

(Newser) - Sad news for the Netherlands: Dutch Prince Johan Friso, who got snowed under by an avalanche while skiing in the Austrian Alps last Friday, may never wake from his coma. At a press conference today, his doctor explained that Queen Beatrix's middle son suffered severe brain damage after being... More »

11 Princes You Can Still Snag

Wills may be off the market, but these royal men still are available

(Newser) - Sadly for all would-be princesses, Prince William is now officially off the market . But his brother, Prince Harry, isn't the only eligible royal man left. The Daily Beast rounds up 10 more: Meet some in the gallery, or click here for the full slideshow. (Or, click here to read about... More »

Prince Fights to Keep Sex Statues Out of NYC Trial

Brunei sultan's brother doesn't want jury to hear about statues, polygamy

(Newser) - Brunei's "playboy prince" doesn't want a New York court to hear about the life-size statues he had made of himself having sex with a member of his harem, or about the harem itself. Jefri Bolkiah—who used to keep the statues on his 28-acre Long Island estate—is trying... More »

Saudi Prince Guilty of Aide's Savage Murder

King's grandson beat, strangled, bit servant

(Newser) - A Saudi prince who beat, strangled, and bit his servant to death in a London hotel has been found guilty of murder. Prosecutors, who showed video of the prince kicking and punching the servant inside a hotel elevator, said the savage killing was linked to sex, CNN notes. The prince,... More »

Arab Prince Linked to Taped Beatings of 25 Others

New blow to UAE's relationship with US

(Newser) - The United Arab Emirates prince whose torture video has shaken relations with the US has been accused of 25 other attacks on people that have been videotaped, the Guardian reports. The American who smuggled out the first tape has more than two hours of video footage showing attacks involving Sheikh... More »

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