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Florida Imam Found Guilty of Supporting Taliban

Elderly cleric claimed he was lying about supporting them

(Newser) - Miami Muslim cleric Hafiz Khan was convicted of conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists today, charges that could, given his advanced age, land him in prison for the rest of his life. During the trial, prosecutors trotted out hundreds of FBI recordings in which Khan, 77, expressed support for... More »

68 Freed From Pakistan Madrasa

Chained students were being 'trained for jihad'

(Newser) - Police in Pakistan say they rescued dozens of students from an Islamic seminary where they were being brainwashed by extremists. Some of the 68 students found at the Karachi madrasa were found chained in a basement, the Los Angeles Times reports. Police say the students were denied food and pressured... More »

Pakistan Suicide Bombing Kills Moderate Cleric

(Newser) - One of Pakistan’s most prominent anti-Taliban clerics was killed today in a suicide bomb attack, the Times of London reports. Sarfraz Ahmed Naeemi, who supported the Pakistan army’s campaign in the Swat Valley, died on the way to the hospital after an explosion at his Islamic college in... More »

Islamic Schools Fill Pakistani Gaps—and Breed Militants

(Newser) - Pakistan’s education system is so dysfunctional that for many rural children, Islamic schools are the only option, the New York Times reports. The growth of madrasas, which teach little besides Koran memorization, is especially pronounced in places like southern Punjab, home to half of the country's at least 12,... More »

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