Our Lady of Guadalupe

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'Virgin Mary Tree' Sparks Knotty Problems

NJ cops quell disputes, protect 'miracle' as throngs flock to see 'Virgin'

(Newser) - A knot in a tree said to resemble the Virgin Mary is sparking a holy mess in a New Jersey town. Throngs are coming to pray and weep before the "miracle" spotted earlier this month by a woman riding to her job in a perfume factory. Others come to... More »

Crowds Flip for Mexican Restaurant's 'Griddle Virgin'

Some say image looks like Our Lady of Guadalupe

(Newser) - The faithful are flocking to a Mexican restaurant in California to see what some call a miracle: a griddle apparently imprinted with the Virgin Mary’s image, the Los Angeles Times reports. A cook first spotted it; “she started to cry” and stopped cleaning the griddle, said the restaurant’... More »

2 Stories