National Council for a New America

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GOP Base Sees Moderate Plot in Reform Group

Righties compalin that Cantor rebranding effort excludes them

(Newser) - With Eric Cantor's high-profile new group aimed at diagnosing what ails the GOP, members of the party base are worried that the answer might be them. Social conservatives from Steve King to Mike Huckabee are accusing the group of excluding them from the National Council for a New America, Politico... More »

After Limbaugh Dig, Palin Joins GOP Group

Alaska gov gets on board rebranding effort after Rush 'hate' jibe

(Newser) - Sarah Palin will join Congressional Republicans' high-profile rebranding committee, CNN reports, after days of confusion as to whether she was snubbing the group or it was snubbing her. Last week John McCain said that the Alaska governor would likely join the National Council for a New America, but there was... More »

2 Stories