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Thank San Quentin Ex-Con for Iconic LA Observatory

Griffith Griffith had it built after shooting his wife, serving time

(Newser) - Movie fans are probably familiar with the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, given that it sits in view of the famed "Hollywood" sign and remains a popular film location year after year. But the Los Angeles Times today offers a interesting peek into the life of Griffith J. Griffith,... More »

Observatory to Unveil Search for Other Earths, Life

Kepler observatory to release early findings this week

(Newser) - There's a roving eye watching deep space for signs that the truth—or at least other Earth-like planets or even life—is out there, and we're going to get a glimpse this week. The $600 million Kepler observatory is tracking a small piece of sky filled with some 4.5... More »

32 New Exoplanets Discovered

New finds signal that cosmos harbors wealth of planets

(Newser) - European astronomers have discovered 32 new planets in other solar systems, bringing the total of known exoplanets to over 400. The planets—which range in size from five times the size of Earth to five times the size of Jupiter—were found circling a variety of stars. The new discoveries... More »

China Scientists Report UFO

Researchers analyzing 40 minutes of film during July solar eclipse

(Newser) - Chinese scientists have reported filming a UFO for 40 minutes during the solar eclipse in July, reports the Telegraph. Researchers from the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing said they will study the footage for a full year before they issue any conclusions. Scientists "discovered near the sun an unidentified... More »

Alaskan Volcano Ready to Blow Again

(Newser) - Alaska’s Mount Redoubt volcano is rumbling again, and an explosive eruption could come at any time, the Anchorage Daily News reports. “Seismic and rockfall activity increasing,” warned a volcano observatory. “Eruption likely in coming days; could occur at any time with little or no warning.”... More »

5 Stories