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Oh, No! A Single Woman May Replace Souter

Lack of a ring turns top female Supreme Court candidates into targets

(Newser) - David Souter is a lifelong bachelor, but the possibility of a bachelorette replacement has started an uproar. Why? Because those potential Supreme Court justices are women, and when a powerful woman is unmarried it "seems to make everyone think: lonely, misfit, or lesbian," write Dahlia Lithwick and Hanna... More »

Advocates Call for First Openly Gay Justice

Post would 'break glass ceiling in a huge way'

(Newser) - Gay-rights advocates are calling on President Obama to fill David Souter’s Supreme Court seat with an openly gay person, Politico reports. “It’s not so much we want to check that box at the Supreme Court level, but that achievement would be breaking the glass ceiling in a... More »

2 Stories