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The Perfect Photo Op, Then: 'Get Out of the Way, Bus!'

Implosion of Georgia Dome marred by MARTA

(Newser) - "I am CRYING." That was just one online reaction to an ill-fated photo shoot that was meant to capture a planned stadium implosion. Photographers gathered near the Georgia Dome in downtown Atlanta on Monday, waiting to snap a shot of the controlled destruction of the 71,000-seat structure,... More »

Number of George HW Bush Accusers Now Stands at 6

'I was a child,' says woman who alleges groping at age 16

(Newser) - A sixth woman has come forward to accuse George HW Bush of groping her, and Roslyn Corrigan says she was just 16 when it happened. It was 2003, and Corrigan's father and other intelligence officers had brought their family members to an event to meet Bush, then 79. While... More »

'Phony Baloney' Ryan Photo-Op Irks Charity Chief

Campaign 'ramrodded their way' into closed soup kitchen

(Newser) - Paul Ryan and campaign staffers "ramrodded their way" into a soup kitchen for a photo-op long after the patrons had left and staff had cleaned up, complains the chief of an Ohio charity. "We’re a faith-based organization; we are apolitical because the majority of our funding is... More »

Hey, Obama: Embrace the Dissidents

Obama risks repeating Gerald Ford's big mistake

(Newser) - How can Barack Obama give voice to the voiceless? With a simple photo op, writes William McGurn in the Wall Street Journal . Dissidents under “nasty” governments in China, Iran, Cuba, and elsewhere—thus far dissed by the White House—are wondering: “‘Where is the president of the... More »

Obama Gave Out White Coats for Doctor Photo Op

Snafu gives fodder to critics who say event was all-show

(Newser) - It seems Barack Obama’s address before 150 supportive doctors yesterday was just a wee bit contrived for the cameras’ benefit. The White House had asked the physicians to show up in their iconic white coats, just to be sure the viewers at home got the message: Doctors support health... More »

Obama's Brainwashing You With This Photo

(Newser) - The release of an “Air Farce One” image is a calculated move by a White House that hopes to brainwash citizens with “the Messianic omnipotence of the Obama presidency,” Victor J. Massad writes on American Thinker. With the Statue of Liberty confined to the lower background, “... More »

White House Aide Quits in Flyover; Gates Sorry

(Newser) - Robert Gates has apologized for the Air Force One photo op debacle over New York last week, the Los Angeles Times reports. “We deeply regret the anxiety and alarm that resulted from this mission,” the defense secretary wrote in a letter posted on the website of John McCain,... More »

White House Changes Tune on Flyover Photo Release

Photos, official report on 'Scare Force One' low flight over NY may be released soon

(Newser) - The White House has switched gears and decided to release a report on, and photos from, the Air Force One low-altitude flyby that spooked New Yorkers, CNN reports. A spokesman said that, contrary to earlier reports, images would be probably be released later this week—along with the findings of... More »

White House Won't Share Flyover Photos

(Newser) - The White House won’t release pictures from Air Force One’s much-criticized Manhattan flyover, reports the New York Post. “The photos are classified—that’s ridiculous,” said one city council member. But a White House aide says the fruits of the $328,835 photo-op aren’t classified,... More »

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