Cinco de Mayo

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Internet Isn't Happy About Border Wall Stunt at Calif. Bar

Customers were offered a free drink green card in the promotion

(Newser) - A bar in southern California is feeling the wrath of the internet over a Cinco de Mayo promotion that invited customers to climb an inflatable “ border wall ” in exchange for a free drink. The stunt at Hennessey’s Tavern in Dana Point, Calif., included handing out free drink... More »

Trump Attempts Latino Outreach With Taco Bowl

'I love Hispanics!'

(Newser) - Would Donald Trump use Cinco de Mayo to shore up his historically awful favorability numbers with Latino voters? You better believe it! The presumptive Republican nominee tweeted a photo of himself eating a taco salad Thursday along with the message "Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in... More »

Court: School Can Ban US Flag Shirts

Calif. school wanted to prevent Cinco de Mayo fights

(Newser) - A history of violence between white and Latino students justified a California high school's 2010 decision to order students wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo to turn them inside out or go home, a federal appeals court has decided. "Our role is not to second-guess the... More »

Thieves Swipe Truckload of Corona

1,800 cases make for one big Cinco de Mayo party

(Newser) - Somebody is a few thousand limes away from one big party. Police in central Pennsylvania are searching for a missing beer trailer loaded with about 1,800 cases of Corona. Carlisle police say the trailer was stolen from a distributor sometime between Friday and yesterday. Perhaps not coincidentally, Saturday marked... More »

'Very Sorry' Ebert Attacker: I Was Lost in Twitter Hate

We fight, hate-loving public eats it up: blogger

(Newser) - The Tea Party tweeter who gloried in Roger Ebert's cancer gloats that his attacks went perfectly as planned as his vitriol was gobbled up by a media and public that relish American hate. But now he's "suddenly very sorry" for his " increasingly awful tweets " about Ebert's cancer... More »

Obama: Start Immigration Reform This Year

He reaffirms support after backing away last week

(Newser) - President Obama seemed to deliver a death blow last week to the prospects of immigration reform by saying "there may not be an appetite" for another controversial issue in Congress. At the White House today, he administered a little life support, reports USA Today . "I want to begin... More »

Cinco de Mayo Marginalizes Non-Mexican Latinos

(Newser) - Cinco de Mayo has become a very visible celebration in the US, but the Mexican holiday’s prevalence is just one indicator of the marginalization of other Latino immigrants, the AP reports. The Mexican-American population is almost equal to that of all other Latin American immigrants combined, resulting in a... More »

7 Stories