Roberta McCain

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McCain's Mom Not a Limbaugh Fan

'He's not part of my Republican Party,' 97-year-old tells Leno

(Newser) - When Jay Leno asked Roberta McCain what she thought about Rush Limbaugh, she didn’t hold back. “I belong to the Republican Party,” John McCain's opinionated mom said on last night's Tonight Show. “What he represents of the Republican Party has nothing to do with my side... More »

Campaign Over, Mac's Mom Lays It Out

(Newser) - Throughout the presidential campaign, James Rainey of the LA Times tried to land an interview with Roberta McCain. “They wouldn’t let me talk, thinking I don’t do the politics thing,” the 97-year-old says. “And they were right.” Now the gag order’s off, and... More »

2 Stories