Connie Culp

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Staring at Disfigured Faces Is 'Instinctive'

Distorted or frozen features trigger a 'primal response' in viewers, scientists believe

(Newser) - The stares people like face transplant patient Connie Culp deal with are likely the result of instinct rather than insensitivity, Wired reports. Scientists believe that disfigured faces flummox the screening system the brain has developed to judge whether a person poses a potential threat, causing people to become transfixed when... More »

Face Transplant Patient Forgives Shooter

Connie Culp still thinks about how she used to look, she says

(Newser) - The woman who had the nation's first face transplant still thinks about how she looked before her husband shot her in a failed murder-suicide attempt in 2004—but she forgives him, she said in an interview today with Good Morning America. It was the smell of soap that made Connie... More »

2 Stories