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BP Turns to Containment Valve

Experts think containment valve might make things worse

(Newser) - BP is hurriedly devising yet another mix of risky undersea robot maneuvers and containment devices to fight the worst oil spill in US history, after the most ambitious bid yet to stop the Gulf of Mexico gusher ended in failure. Now, BP hopes to saw through a pipe leading out... More »

La. Pols: BP Can't Handle Slick, Let's Take Over

Calls for gov't intervention grow as oil approaches shore

(Newser) - As oil threatens more bays and wetlands in Louisiana, including the state's most fertile fisheries, Louisiana lawmakers have ramped up calls for BP to hand over cleanup efforts to the government. “We’re relying on a private company that seems to be overwhelmed,” a state rep. complained. “... More »

Calif. Firefighters See First Sign of Progress

Humidity, cooling temperatures aid struggle against Station fire

(Newser) - Finally, some good news on the massive California wildfire: A break in the weather is helping considerably, the Los Angeles Times reports. Officially, the blaze is still only 5% contained, but that number is expected to rise substantially when re-evaluated later today. "We made progress last night, not just... More »

Thousands of Calif. Fire Evacuees to Head Home

(Newser) - Thanks to cooler, more humid weather and a drop-off in damaging winds, thousands of Santa Barbara wildfire evacuees are being allowed back home, the Los Angeles Times reports. Firefighters fought back the fire significantly last night, containing the 8,700-acre Jesusita blaze in Santa Barbara by 30%. Most of the... More »

4 Stories