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Whiz-Kid Cartographer Tracks ISIS From His Bedroom

Thomas van Linge is respected war-zone mapmaker—and he's only 19

(Newser) - Thomas van Linge has become one of the most respected cartographers around when it comes to tracking global conflicts, including the advances of ISIS, Boko Haram, and separatists in Ukraine. His highly detailed, color-coded maps have been picked up by CNN, the New York Times, and the Huffington Post, among... More »

Could Ransom Have Saved James Foley?

Islamic State demanded a multimillion-dollar ransom for his release

(Newser) - Special forces reportedly tried to free journalist James Foley in Syria earlier this summer, but to no avail. A ransom, however, may have gotten the job done. The Islamic State, which filmed the decapitation of the 40-year-old video journalist who'd been held hostage since 2012, had demanded a multimillion-dollar... More »

23% of Female Troops Suffer Sex Assaults in War Zones

And about half report sex harassment, survey finds

(Newser) - Nearly half of US women deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan say they've suffered sexual harassment, and almost a quarter say they've been sexually assaulted, a Department of Veterans Affairs study finds. But far less than that gets reported: Just 115 assaults were reported last year, though as of... More »

CIA Cracks Down on Sex Harassment

But ex-agents say stressful jobs blur the lines

(Newser) - Being a spy might have a sexy reputation, but the CIA is staring at its decidedly seedier side in the mirror: Spurred by widespread complaints among female employees who work in war zones, the spy agency is cracking down on sexual harassment, reports the Los Angeles Times . But it's... More »

Sri Lanka Hospital Attack Kills 49: Doctor

Shell strikes only working facility in war zone

(Newser) - A mortar shell struck the only functioning medical facility in Sri Lanka's northern war zone this morning, killing 49 patients and bystanders and wounding more than 50 others, a government health official said. It was the second time this month that the facility has been hit. Shells were still hitting... More »

378 Civilians Reported Dead in Sri Lanka Artillery Barrage

1,100 injured; rebels, army blame each other

(Newser) - An all-night artillery barrage in Sri Lanka's war zone killed at least 378 civilians and forced thousands to flee to makeshift shelters, a government doctor said today. The army and Tamil Tiger rebels each blamed the other for the barrage, which the doctor said left at least 1,100 people... More »

6 Stories