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The Best Quote of 2012 Is...

Mitt Romney's '47%' remark

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's comments about 47% of the population being dependent on the government and "binders full of women" topped this year's best quotes, according to a Yale University librarian. "Debate remarks and gaffes actually seemed to play an important role in the ups and downs of... More »

How to Make a Memorable Movie Quote

First, come up with a weird word...

(Newser) - What is it that makes certain movie quotes stick with you forever? Cornell University researchers figured it out, the Washington Post reports: a combination of uncommon words ("Inigo Montoya") and general, rather than definite, syntax ("a" or "an" rather than "the") make movie quotes... More »

And the Quote of the Year Is...

'We are the 99%' ... plus 9 more memorable utterances

(Newser) - It's been a good year for quotes inspiring, inept, and inscrutable. A Yale librarian has compiled his annual list of the year's 10 key quotations, and topping this year's selection is Occupy Wall Street's rallying cry: "We are the 99%." The runners-up:
  1. Lines from
... More »

These 'Cheery, Pithy' Quotes Are Fake

And they muddle the true message of great leaders: Brian Morton

(Newser) - Perhaps you live by the words of Henry David Thoreau: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” Or Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If so, Brian Morton has bad news for you: Neither... More »

The Top 10 Quotes of 2010

We're not witches, either

(Newser) - Remember when Christine O'Donnell solemnly looked into our eyes and declared, "I'm not a witch"? That little gem has topped (well, tied for tops) 2010's list of most memorable quotes, according to the Yale Book of Quotations. Giving O'Donnell a run for her money was Tony Hayward's "... More »

20 Best Homer Simpson Quotes

(Newser) - In honor of tonight's 20th-anniversary celebration of The Simpsons, Washington Post comics columnist Michael Cavna offers his list of the top 20 Homer Simpson quotes. Of course, No. 1 is "D'oh!" Selected other gems:
  • "Oh, everything looks bad if you remember it."
  • "I'm going to
... More »

Obit Editors Fall for Fake Wikipedia Quote

Papers printed Maurice Jarre gem, but he didn't say it; Irish student did

(Newser) - An Irish college student managed to prank the world media in an attempt to illustrate lax fact-checking in today’s 24-hour news cycle, the AP reports. When French composer Maurice Jarre died March 28, Shane Fitzgerald fabricated a delicious quote and put it on the Jarre Wikipedia page. The citizen... More »

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