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Rescuers Hope Boys Can Walk Out of Flooded Cave

They're 'racing against water,' governor says

(Newser) - The weekend weather forecast has provided an ominous deadline for rescuers scrambling to get 12 young soccer players and their coach out of a flooded cave in northern Thailand. The area has been dry for days but heavy rains are expected to hit soon, potentially driving water levels up, thwarting... More »

SEAL Rescuers Just Missed Western Hostages

They were looking for professors kidnapped in Kabul

(Newser) - Navy SEALs attempted one of the daring rescues they're famous for after the kidnapping of an American and an Australian in Kabul last month—but officials say they missed the men by what was probably just hours. Officials tell the New York Times that seven insurgents were killed in... More »

Report: Iran General Saved Russian Pilot

He coordinated with Russia, Syrian commandoes

(Newser) - How exactly did a Russian pilot make it out of enemy territory alive after his plane was shot down by Turkish jets? He was helped by the commander of foreign operations for Iran's Revolutionary Guards, according to an Iranian news agency. The Fars New Agency—citing a Russian agency,... More »

Special Forces Tried to Rescue Foley

US troops landed in Syria, but hostages weren't there

(Newser) - It was nearly a happy ending for James Foley . US special forces mounted a secret rescue mission in Syria this summer to free Foley and other Americans, but the hostages were nowhere to be found, reports the Washington Post . Several dozen US troops landed at the unspecified location and engaged... More »

SEAL Team Six Member Dies in Daring Rescue From Taliban

Troops free kidnapped American doctor

(Newser) - A member of Seal Team Six died during a daring rescue mission in Afghanistan yesterday, in which special forces successfully freed an American doctor from the Taliban. "He gave his life for his fellow Americans," President Obama said in praising the man, while Leon Panetta called him a... More »

Kidnapped Aid Workers Freed in NATO Helicopter Raid

US-led team rescues 4 in Afghanistan

(Newser) - Two foreign aid workers and two Afghan colleagues were rescued this morning by a US-led coalition team, freeing them 11 days after they were seized by militants, reports the AP . The four, including Brit Helen Johnston and Kenyan Moragwe Oirere, worked for Medair, a Swiss-based NGO. They were traveling by... More »

US Grenade May Have Killed British Aid Worker

Linda Norgrove died in flubbed rescue effort

(Newser) - Though initial reports stated that Linda Norgrove's Taliban captors detonated a bomb that killed her, the kidnapped British aid worker may have actually been killed by a grenade thrown by American forces during the flubbed rescue attempt in Afghanistan. British PM David Cameron made the announcement today, but defended the... More »

16 Rescued From Stormy Grand Tetons

Search for missing climber to continue

(Newser) - Rangers dangling from helicopters plucked 16 injured climbers from a mountain in Grand Teton National Park yesterday. Three separate climbing parties reported injuries—mostly burns from lightning strikes—after a severe storm hit. The search for the last missing climber was postponed due to darkness, but starts again today. Click... More »

9 Missing in Coast Guard Plane Crash

Pilot reported huge fireball

(Newser) - Nine people are missing after a Coast Guard plane collided with a military helicopter last night off the coast of southern California. A pilot flying in the area reported seeing a huge fireball. Seven people were traveling aboard the plane, and two were in the chopper. A search-and-rescue mission is... More »

Miracle Rescue Lifts Hopes for 3,000 Trapped in Quake

Hopes dim as new emergency teams arrive in Indonesia

(Newser) - Rescue teams racing to find earthquake survivors in Indonesia pulled a young woman alive from the rubble of a collapsed school today, a rare glimmer of hope in the 2-day-old search. More than 1,000 people are reported dead, and difficult conditions in Padang are making it hard to reach... More »

Indonesia Quake Toll Passes 1,000

Samoa tsunami cleanup effort begins in earnest

(Newser) - The death toll in Indonesia has reached 1,100 and is expected to keep rising. Rescue workers are scrambling to find earthquake survivors under trapped buildings, with "many hundreds more" injured or missing, says a top UN relief official. Rescue efforts have been hung up over a shortage of... More »

British Army Blasts Rescued Times Reporter

'Irresponsible' Taliban abductee was warned of imminent danger

(Newser) - The death of British soldier during the rescue of a New York Times reporter has British Army brass up in arms, the Telegraph reports. Corporal John Harrison and interpreter Sultan Munadi died early yesterday in an area of Afghanistan journalist Stephen Farrell had been cautioned about. “When you look... More »

221 Missing, 8 Dead in Sierra Leone Boat Accident

Vessel was carrying mostly schoolkids

(Newser) - Police say more than 200 people remain missing in Sierra Leone a day after a boat capsized, killing at least eight. Most of the passengers were schoolchildren returning from holidays in the West African nation. At least 221 people remain missing, with 39 passengers rescued. The boat was traveling from... More »

Chef Brings Gourmet Food to Homeless

Rising culinary star left posh restaurant for rescue mission

(Newser) - At California’s Bay Area Rescue Mission, the homeless dine on grilled artichokes with garlic sherry vinaigrette or vegetable soup with creme fraiche, thanks to the culinary talents of Tim Hammack. The chef left a renowned French bistro to cook at the rescue mission. “I was cooking for very... More »

Mogul Bing Foots Bill for Clinton Mission

Longtime pal donated use of jet, plus $200K for fuel, other costs

(Newser) - Wealthy Hollywood insider, Democratic donor, and Clinton family friend Steve Bing is footing the bill for the trip to North Korea that brought back two jailed American journalists, ABC News reports. Bill Clinton flew on Bing’s private jet, and the mogul will pony up about $200,000 for fuel,... More »

Atlantis Lifts Off on Mission to Hubble

(Newser) - The space shuttle Atlantis and seven astronauts blasted off today en route to the Hubble Space Telescope. It is NASA's final trip to Hubble and comes after a seven-month delay. Atlantis and its crew were supposed to fly to Hubble last fall, but the telescope broke down. The telescope is... More »

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