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23 Celebs Looking to Make It Big in Tech

Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian have tech interests

(Newser) - Celebrities are increasingly getting their fingers in tech companies, including such well-known ones as Facebook and Foursquare. Huffington Post rounds up 23 Hollywood VIPs who dabble in tech on the side:
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: He invested $4 million in Mobli, a real-time visual media platform, last October.
  • Selena Gomez: The singer/actress
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IBM Surpasses Microsoft, Claims No. 2 Tech Spot

Shift illustrates tech industry's move away from PCs

(Newser) - Microsoft, once the world’s most valuable tech company, has now fallen to third place. IBM surpassed Microsoft yesterday to take the second-place spot, as its market value rose to $214 billion and Microsoft’s fell to $213.2 billion. It marked the first time IBM’s closing prices exceeded... More »

Apple Directors Discuss CEO Succession: Report

With Steve Jobs' ailing health, company looking at options: Journal

(Newser) - As much as Apple fans might believe otherwise, Steve Jobs might not be able to run the company forever. With the company CEO on another medical leave , some board members have held discussions with recruiters and the head of another big tech company to talk about succession, says the Wall ... More »

Tech Companies' Hiring Practices Under Scrutiny

Justice Department thinks they might violate antitrust laws

(Newser) - Some of the nation's biggest tech companies have a gentleman's agreement on hiring: Generally speaking, they don't try to steal each other's best employees. After a yearlong investigation, the Justice Department is poised to challenge the practice on the notion that it violates antitrust laws and deprives computer engineers of... More »

EBay to Unload Skype for $2B

Private investors bring end to auction site's troubled ownership

(Newser) - EBay is selling Skype, the audiovisual chat service it calamitously bought in 2005, to a group of private investors, sources tell the New York Times. Although the price is unknown, eBay recently said it wanted about $2 billion for the the company, which is expected to pull in $600 million... More »

To Sell or Not to Sell?

(Newser) - The founders of Twitter keep insisting it's not for sale, but perhaps they should think again, writes Ben Parr of tech blog Mashable. Only two weeks ago Twitter looked smart for refusing its suitors—but then Facebook made a series of big moves, from buying FriendFeed to launching a speedy... More »

Facebook to Boost Staff 50%

(Newser) - Facebook is planning to expand its 1,000-strong staff by up to 50% this year, Mark Zuckerberg says, taking advantage of a surplus of engineers in a weak job market. In an interview with Bloomberg, the 25-year-old CEO also says he wants to turn a profit by next year, in... More »

Facebook Buys Rival FriendFeed for $50M

Purchase sets up battle with Twitter for real-time search market

(Newser) - Facebook is buying fellow social networking site FriendFeed for nearly $50 million, the Wall Street Journal reports. Friendfeed, a 12-employee outfit founded by former Google engineers, allowed users to share information across multiple social media services but never took off beyond a core techie user base. The purchase may help... More »

Dow Falls 35 on Energy Fears

(Newser) - Markets were off today as falling oil prices put the press on the energy sector and Wall Street took a stern look at the recent rally, the Wall Street Journal reports. Though tech stocks surged, bringing NASDAQ up, oil prices were off and health care concerns tumbled. The financial sector... More »

Tech Rally Sends Dow Up 257

(Newser) - The tech sector drove a substantial market rally today led by rosy projections from chipmaker Intel, the Wall Street Journal reports. Other technology stocks followed Intel—up 7.5%—as investors predicted a resurgence of the consumer electronics market. Good news from the Fed and the credit industry also helped... More »

Dow Jumps 28, Ends at 2009 High

(Newser) - Markets were mixed today, but the Dow closed at its highest end point in 2009 even as tech and material stocks pulled down other indices, the Wall Street Journal reports. The resurgent dollar cut deeply into the commodities sector. A NYSE computer malfunction also temporarily halted trading in some stocks.... More »

Tech, Banks Push Dow Up 46

(Newser) - Markets climbed today on good performance by technology stocks and a rebound in the financial sector, the Wall Street Journal reports. A key bank index, which dipped earlier as financials sold stock to raise capital, was up almost 4%. The retail sector continued to struggle, with Wal-Mart off 1.9%.... More »

Dow Off 156 as Rally Slows

(Newser) - Stocks were down today on continued sluggishness from hard-hit areas like financials, industry, and energy, the Wall Street Journal reports. Though the improving market has led to an influx of cash from investors, key indices for transportation and industry have lagged. The Dow was down 155.88, to 8,418.... More »

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