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Only One Candidate Left for Cantor's Job

Sessions drops out, race to replace Kevin McCarthy heats up

(Newser) - Unless a surprise challenger emerges at the last minute, the race to replace Eric Cantor as the House's second-ranking Republican is already over. House Rules Committee chief Pete Sessions says he has dropped his bid to become majority leader "after thoughtful consideration and discussion" with colleagues, leaving Majority... More »

Here's Who's in the Running for Cantor's Job

Reps. Kevin McCarthy, Pete Sessions likely contenders

(Newser) - Now that majority leader Eric Cantor is out of the running for the next Congress, who will take his place in the GOP leadership? Politico identifies a number of potential frontrunners, starting with current majority whip Kevin McCarthy of California, who is pretty much guaranteed to seek Cantor's old... More »

House Republicans Vote Before Swearing In

2 Reps' votes invalidated after blunder

(Newser) - House Republicans were left red-faced yesterday after realizing that two of them had cast votes even though they weren't technically members of Congress. Reps. Pete Sessions and Mike Fitzpatrick skipped this week's official swearing-in ceremony on the House floor to attend a ceremony elsewhere. The eight votes they cast during... More »

GOP Blasts Obama for Fox News Snub

President will appear on every other network Sunday

(Newser) - Republican lawmakers are peeved because President Obama is—try not to laugh—snubbing Fox News. Obama will appear on every political Sunday talk show this week, except Fox News Sunday. “If people are going to be on the Sunday talk shows, they should be on all of them,”... More »

Anti-Earmark Rep. Scores Earmark for Blimp Research

Sessions' $1.6M went to firm not in his district

(Newser) - Rep. Pete Sessions is a vocal opponent of earmarks, but last year he scored one for a company that's not even in his district. Thanks to Sessions, $1.6 million for airship research went to a firm with no experience in either government contracting or blimp-making, Politico reports. Seems that... More »

GOP Rep. Says Obama Wants You Unemployed

Dems chuckle at Pete Sessions' 'bizarre conspiracy theory'

(Newser) - Democrats leapt all over GOP Rep. Pete Sessions yesterday for the "bizarre conspiracy theory" the veteran Texas congressman expressed to the New York Times in an interview over the weekend. Sessions told the Times President Obama actually wanted to "diminish employment and diminish stock prices" in a "... More »

6 Stories