7th Circuit Court

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Court to Indiana: You Can't Defund Planned Parenthood

State had tried to withhold Medicare funds from abortion providers

(Newser) - A federal appeals court has ruled that Indiana can't cut off funding for Planned Parenthood just because the organization provides abortions. The 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago today upheld the core portion of a lower court order that said Indiana cannot enforce a state law that... More »

Liberal Bent, 'Empathy' Mark Potential Justice

Diane Wood was Chicago law faculty colleague of Obama's

(Newser) - In choosing a new Supreme Court justice, President Obama says he wants not just a savvy legal brain, but also someone who can show “empathy.” Diane Wood, his former University of Chicago colleague and a judge on the Seventh Circuit, meets both criteria, the New York Times reports.... More »

2 Stories