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Rare, Huge Blue Diamond Unearthed in South Africa

Could be worth as much as $20M

(Newser) - A rare, huge blue diamond was found in a South African mine earlier this month. The 29.6-carat sparkler is about six times larger than an acorn, and could be worth as much as $20 million. The dazzling stone was dug up by New Jersey-based Petra Diamonds at its Cullinan... More »

Blue Diamond to Sell for Sky-High $5.8M

5.16-carat flawless 'fancy vivid' hits Hong Kong auction

(Newser) - An extremely rare, flawless blue diamond ring is going on auction today in Hong Kong and is expected to fetch a shimmering $5.8 million . The 5.16-carat gem is one of 12 diamonds originally from the DeBeers Millennium collection, displayed in London to celebrate the new century. The pear-shaped... More »

Blue Diamond Sells for Record $8.4M

Industry hopes sale will stimulate trade slump

(Newser) - As the diamond market tumbles, at least it seems a blue one is forever, reports GlobalPost. A 7.03-carat rock unearthed in South Africa last year sold for more than $8.4 million at a Geneva auction today—setting a world record in price per karat for a gem of... More »

3 Stories