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Your Weird Sex Fantasies Are Probably Really Vanilla

Research finds humans experience 'wide range of erotic fantasies'

(Newser) - Some might be shy about admitting weird sexual fantasies, but 1,516 participants did just that for a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine —and most of their fantasies aren't that weird at all. There's a wide spectrum of them, and most folks fall well within... More »

Smarties Enjoy Sex More Than Bimbos Do

Turns out men do make passes at women who wear glasses

(Newser) - Smart women enjoy sex more than the average bimbo, according to a new study, reports the Telegraph. How did researchers know? Women with a higher emotional intelligence scored  more orgasms during sex. Emotional intelligence—the ability to recognize and manage feelings—"seems to have a direct impact on women's... More »

2 Stories