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Paris Bar Told to Take Down Doors Photos

Band doesn't want to appear as having approved the consumption of booze

(Newser) - The decor at Christophe Maillet's Paris bar doesn't seem to be lighting The Doors' fire. The man behind the Lezard King, a nod to Jim Morrison's nickname with a French twist, tells the AP that he has received a letter from The Doors' intellectual property lawyer warning... More »

Iowa Bar Busted for Mouse Racing

Rodent races were good clean fun, insists gambling ring's big cheese

(Newser) - Police acting on a tip busted an illegal mouse-racing operation in an Iowa tavern. The owner, cited for allowing gambling without a license as well as health code violations and serving alcohol to minors, says the rodent races, in which patrons levied bets of $1 to $2 per mouse, were... More »

British Pub Boots Gays for 'Obscene' Kiss

Incident sparks viral push for a 'kiss-in' at the bar

(Newser) - A London bar has found itself embroiled in controversy after kicking out a gay couple for kissing. Jonathan Williams and James Bull were on their first date at the John Snow pub when the landlady asked them to leave, accusing them of “obscene” behavior. The event has sparked much... More »

Homeless Man 'Reopens' Shut-Down Bar, Sells Beer

California transient broke in and sold his six-pack, for starters

(Newser) - Valencia Club is a Northern California bar that lost its liquor license and shut down—until a 29-year-old homeless man decided to take it upon himself to reopen the doors and run the place as if it were his own. Police say Travis Kevie broke in on the 16th, put... More »

Minnesota Declares 'Ladies' Night' Illegal

State charges five bars with gender discrimination

(Newser) - The Minnesota Department of Human Rights has filed gender discrimination charges against five Twin Cities bars, alleging that they violated the rights of men everywhere—by holding ladies’ night. “Gender-based pricing violates the Human Rights Act,” the commissioner tells the Star-Tribune , vowing to pursue every complaint received about... More »

Enough With the Fruity Martinis

Martinis are about simplicity and sophistication, not... apples

(Newser) - Listen up yuppie bar-goers of America, this is the recipe for a martini: gin, dry vermouth, and maybe some olives or a lemon peel twist. That’s it. The apple-tinis, lemon-tinis, and prickly pear-tinis that young people have been quaffing in recent years just don’t sit well with NPR... More »

Bar Patron in Hospital Gown Gets Handcuffs as Accessory

Fugitive still had an IV in his arm: cops

(Newser) - A man on the run from Michigan police was apprehended last week after wandering into a Pittsburgh bar in a hospital gown with an IV trailing out of his arm. He then ran from the cops, who Tasered him. Elbert Lewis Thompson, 20, was wanted for armed robbery in Michigan—... More »

Shakira Imitator Can't Sue Bar

Shake it and break it? You're on your own, court rules

(Newser) - A woman who says she shredded knee ligaments when she fell during a “Shake it Like Shakira” contest can't sue the New York bar that staged the competition. Calico Jack’s Cantina is off the hook after Megan Zacher's lawyer failed to convince a judge the bar “knew... More »

Designer Cocktails Call for Designer Ice

(Newser) - Innovation in cocktails has spread to their simplest component, the Globe and Mail reports—ice. “Ice is the equivalent to a stove for a chef,” says one bartender whose watering hole boasts three kinds of frozen water. Another Canadian bar produces seven varieties for different drinks. Mixologists use... More »

Speakeasies Make Secret Comeback

But they're not very similar to true Prohibition-era bars

(Newser) - Across the US, trendy bars are cropping up—but good luck finding them. These homages to the 1920s speakeasy are obscured by wooden slats, hidden behind other stores, accessible only by password. “People have an affection for this period of American history, and they want the mystery,” one... More »

The Way You Hold Your Drink Speaks Volumes

A gossip? Fun-lover? Psychologist sees clues in how you booze

(Newser) - The way you hold your drink says a lot about you, psychologist Glenn Wilson tells the BBC. Wilson studied 500 drinkers at the behest of a bar chain, and discerned a series of notable types. Among them:
  • The gossip: Will hold a wineglass by the bowl, often gesticulating with it
... More »

Utah Drinkers Get in Touch With Bartenders

New law knocks down barriers, hands-off policy in restaurants

(Newser) - Under a new law that went into effect yesterday, restaurants that sell alcohol no longer need to separate patrons from the people serving them drinks, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. “Not having these barriers is going to save us a lot of time, especially with out-of-state visitors who constantly... More »

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