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Man Upset Cops Broke Into His Car to Save 'Frozen' Woman

Because she was a mannequin

(Newser) - Police in Hudson, New York, have a stern warning for citizens: "If you park your locked vehicle on the street on a sub-zero night with a life-size realistic mannequin seated in it...we will break your window." WRGB reports someone called 911 Friday morning after seeing a woman... More »

Cops: Thief Found in Bed With Stolen Lingerie Mannequin


(Newser) - A clerk at the Hustler Hollywood store in Nashville told police that a drunk guy entered the store after midnight Monday, grabbed a lingerie mannequin, took it into the parking lot, and, after a brief argument with the clerk, tossed it into the back of his truck and drove off.... More »

Rare Disease Could Turn Boy Into 'Mannequin'

Jarvis Budd is one of 13 Australians to suffer from the rare disease

(Newser) - Three-year-old Jarvis Budd is one of just 13 people in Australia to suffer from a rare disease called fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, or "human mannequin disease." This means that with every minor fall or injury, he runs the risk of his joints seizing and triggering "abnormal bone growth,... More »

'Suicidal' Mannequin Yanked After 911 Calls

Cops tried to talk billboard feature out of jumping

(Newser) - Brad Deery's billboard idea got plenty of attention for his car dealership but not quite the kind he had in mind: The Iowa man took down a mannequin from the sign after numerous motorists thought it was a person preparing to jump and called 911. The sign next to... More »

In Some Stores, Mannequins Are Watching You

Trend is new, but one maker is already selling 'bionic' ones

(Newser) - Here's something to creep out your shopping experience: Store mannequins might be watching your every move. Bloomberg reports that Italian mannequin-maker Almax has begun selling a version whose eyes are cameras. This isn't about trying to curb shoplifting, though. The idea is to more closely track shoppers' likes... More »

Iranian Clerks Warned to Dress Mannequins in Hijabs

Shopkeepers also told to hide curves

(Newser) - Iranian shopkeepers have been ordered to dress female mannequins in Muslim hijab head scarves,  and to keep any curves strictly under wraps, reports the BBC. The edict is part of a continuing crackdown on "Western style" dress. The sale of bowties and neck ties, as well as the... More »

Busty Sales Pitch Too Spicy for Ohio Town

Board orders Ken's BBQ joint to put clothes on mannequin BarBe

(Newser) - Ken can keep his BarBe, but only if he dresses her more decently, an Ohio town ruled this week. Kenny Tessel says business is up 40% at his Reading barbecue joint since he put the mannequin outside dressed only in a bikini: “Sex sells.” But after listening to... More »

Rabbi Seeks Boycott of 'Revolting' Mannequins

Stores could lose kosher certification

(Newser) - An Israeli rabbi has called for a boycott of shops that display scantily clad mannequins, AFP reports. Mannequins and "obscene photographs" of models wearing swimsuits or underwear "elicit sorrow among the passers-by," said the rabbi. Stores in the northern city of Tiberias that keep their racy displays... More »

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