Adam Lambert

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Sam Smith Disses Michael Jackson, Does Not Go Over Well

26-year-old singer caught on video saying he wasn't a fan

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's fans wanna be startin' something with Sam Smith after an online post showed him dissing the King of Pop. People reports the British singer was recently kicking back on a boat with American Idol finalist Adam Lambert and other friends when Lambert started recording their conversation, at... More »

4 Weird Objects Thrown at Singers in Concert

Some of them are a little gross

(Newser) - Really want to get the attention of a performer while attending their concert? These strange objects thrown onstage, rounded up by the Huffington Post , seem to have done the trick. A sampling:
  • A coin: Someone threw a coin at Kanye West during a Dublin concert; it didn't hit him,
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10 Bizarre Things Thrown at Celebs

From frozen hams to flying feces

(Newser) - Believe it or not, the pubic-hair-filled razor thrown at Hugh Jackman last weekend is not the weirdest object ever hurled at a celebrity. The Frisky looks at Jackman's recent brush with crazy and nine other bizarre attacks on the famous, including:
  • Idol rocker Adam Lambert was struck on stage
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Idol May Lose All 3 Judges

Jennifer Lopez is out; maybe Mariah Carey as replacement?

(Newser) - We learned yesterday that Steven Tyler is out , and now Jennifer Lopez has made it official, too, reports TMZ . Considering previous rumors that Randy Jackson also is leaving, the New York Post notes that American Idol could soon find itself without any of its three judges. Who could replace them?... More »

The Most Influential Gay Americans

Ellen tops 'Out' magazine list for 2nd straight year

(Newser) - Ellen DeGeneres and Barney Frank have switched places atop Out magazine's annual list of the most influential gay Americans, but the talk show host and American Idol judge probably isn't gloating about her win—she's that nice. To see the top five, check out the slideshow above. To see who... More »

O'Reilly Hearts Adam Lambert

Host praises American Idol runner-up on O'Reilly Factor

(Newser) - You wouldn’t expect Bill O’Reilly to be a big Adam Lambert fan, but the American Idol runner-up got a shout-out from the pundit himself on last night’s O’Reilly Factor . The host applauded Lambert for, of all things, silencing a fan on a cell phone at one... More »

Adam Lambert Is What Ails America

Bad public behavior is behind pessimistic national mood

(Newser) - America's in a funk and it's partly Adam Lambert's fault, according to Peggy Noonan. Polls show that pessimism is the prevailing national mood and that's got as much to do with fears about the direction of this country's culture as it does to do with economy, Noonan writes in the... More »

Barbara Walters: Michelle Obama Is Most Fascinating

Barbara's top picks for 2009 also include Glenn Beck, Jenny Sanford

(Newser) - Barack Obama, Barbara Walters’ most fascinating person of 2008, was succeeded this year by…his wife, Michelle. Walters named the first lady her top pick during last night’s ABC special, which also included interviews with the rest of the top 10. Obama discussed the “amazing whirlwind” of life... More »

Barbara Walters Names 2009's Most Fascinating

The famous (Sarah Palin) and the infamous (Kate Gosselin) make list

(Newser) - Barbara Walters is offering a sneak peek at her annual list of the most fascinating people, and it includes famous moms Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin, Us reports. For a glimpse at others Walters will interview on the Dec. 9 special—including Tyler Perry, Glenn Beck, Lady Gaga, and Adam... More »

Lambert, GLAAD Cry Bias—About CBS and ABC

Early Show blurs same-sex kiss as singer makes his case

(Newser) - After being booted from a scheduled Good Morning America appearance because of his American Music Awards antics, Adam Lambert was snatched up by CBS’ Early Show, where he contended the controversy was motivated by his sexuality: “If it had been a female pop performer doing the moves that were... More »

12 Other Controversial Kisses

Nope, Adam Lambert wasn't the first to cause a smooching uproar

(Newser) - The uproar over Adam Lambert kissing a guy on live television is just the latest in a long line of Hollywood lip-lock controversies. Amelia McDonell-Parry collects the top 12 on The Frisky . Watch clips above, or for the complete list—including Angelina Jolie’s brother-smooching moment at the Oscars—click... More »

Adam Lambert: I'm Not Apologizing

Says parents should keep kids from watching sexy performance

(Newser) - Adam Lambert has no plans to apologize for his guy-kissing, crotch-thrusting American Music Awards performance. “I’m not a babysitter, I’m a performer,” he tells the Early Show . "I think it's up to the parents to discern what their child's watching on television. It was almost... More »

ABC Cancels Lambert Gig; CBS Grabs It

He'll be on Early Show after GMA worries about risque moves

(Newser) - ABC canceled an appearance by Adam Lambert on Good Morning America planned for tomorrow in the wake of his steamy performance at the AMAs. After receiving 1,500 complaints over Lambert's sexy moves, the network said it was concerned about "airing a similar concert so early in the morning.... More »

Adam Lambert Gets Down and Dirty at AMAs

American Idol runner-up defends American Music Awards performance

(Newser) - Adam Lambert’s crotch-grabbing, oral-sex-miming, bondage-themed performance on last night’s American Music Awards has everyone talking—even him. Right afterward, he said the idea of ABC censoring it, which it did before airing it on the West Coast, is tantamount to “discrimination.” The American Idol runner-up tells... More »

TV's 'Loud and Proud' Gays Should Tone It Down

Outrageous characters may be hurting the cause

(Newser) - There was a time when homosexuality on TV helped the public become more accepting of gays and lesbians, but that time may be over. As the small screen fills with characters like Glee’s Kurt, “the sensitive gay boy who really wants to be a girl,” and a... More »

Out? 'I’ve Never Been In:' Lambert

(Newser) - Adam Lambert finds it “funny” that people are talking about him “coming out” in the new Rolling Stone. “I’ve never been in,” he tells Access Hollywood. Lambert says he didn’t discuss his sexuality during American Idol because he wanted people to focus on his... More »

Cougars Drool Over Lambert

(Newser) - “Cougar-aged” women across the continent tuned into American Idol for the first time this season, Joan Raymond writes for Newsweek, after acquiring an obsession with its oh-so-sexy and oh-so-gay eventual runner-up, Adam Lambert. “We became Glamberts,” Raymond writes. “When we got together, we no longer talked... More »

Idol Runner-Up Comes Out

Signs record deal, too

(Newser) - American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert finally came out to Rolling Stone, Us reports. “I don't think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I'm gay,” says Lambert in the June issue, out tomorrow. “I'm proud of my sexuality. I embrace it. It's just another... More »

Idol Runner-Up Gets Ready to Come Out

(Newser) - American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, widely rumored to be gay, is finally coming out. A source tells the New York Post he’ll make it official on the next Rolling Stone cover. Meanwhile, Idol judge Kara DioGuardi seemed pretty certain of Lambert’s sexuality during her appearance on The View ... More »

Is Lambert Gay? 'Keep Speculating,' He Says

(Newser) - Don't look to Adam Lambert to put to rest the guessing game about his sexual preferences. At least not yet. "Calm down," said the American Idol runner-up. "Keep speculating." Asked if he'll address the matter at some point, he responded, "Maybe," reports People. In... More »

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