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Asian Immigration Overtakes Hispanic

Illegal immigration down as trends shift

(Newser) - With Hispanic immigration—both legal and illegal—to the United States on the decline , Hispanic immigration last year was topped by immigrants from Asia for the first time since 1910, reports the AP in a look at new census data released today. The data also showed that the number of... More »

Muslims, Hindus Make Beautiful Punk Music Together

'Taqwacore' bands seize their moment in the spotlight

(Newser) - From the basement of a middle-class home west of Boston, the Kominas have helped launch an unlikely trend. A son of Indian immigrants, trained in classical violin and raised on traditional Punjab music, the 25-year-old electric guitarist Arjun Ray is getting his three Pakistani-American bandmates in sync, with the goal... More »

Forget Soccer Moms— Meet Ping-Pong Parents

Immigrants' kids dominate table tennis scene

(Newser) - Good old-fashioned American sports parenting meets immigrant drive at the India Community Center in the Silicon Valley town of Milpitas, Calif., which is churning out the country’s best young ping-pong players. Top coaches from India and China are schooling the children of high-tech workers who know the drill for... More »

Asian Boy Bias Skewing US Birth Stats

(Newser) - Many Asian American parents' strong bias for sons is beginning to emerge in US birth statistics, reports the New York Times.  Chinese, Korean and Indian immigrant families are more likely to abort female embryos and use in-vitro fertilization to have a treasured boy, particularly after the first or second... More »

US Immigration Slows, Delaying Minorities' Rise

Won't form majority until 2050s; security, economy take toll

(Newser) - Immigration laws and the recession have slowed the growth of America’s immigrant populations, delaying the date when minorities will become the majority by as much as 10 years, the AP reports. Estimates had pointed to 2042, but it now could be another decade as growth slowed from 4% in... More »

5 Stories