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Dum Dums Pays Tribute to 48-Year Employee

Al Braun retired from the company he joined in 1969 on Friday

(Newser) - Al Braun started what was to be a 90-day temporary gig at a Bryan, Ohio, candy factory in 1969. It turned into something with a little more staying power. On Friday, Braun ended his 48-year career with the Spangler Candy Company, maker of Dum Dums and other popular candies. His... More »

RV Full of Odd Lollipops Burns on Interstate Bridge

Traffic snarled for hours on NJ-Delaware bridge as pot-laced candy went up in flames

(Newser) - Police say a pot advocacy company's RV carrying marijuana-laced candy burst into flames on a bridge that connects New Jersey and Delaware, causing lane closures and tying up traffic for hours, the AP reports. Weed World Candies tells NBC Philadelphia that more than $50,000 in merchandise was destroyed... More »

Cops Bust Guy With 640 Pot Lollipops

Alexander Zito had just a few drugs at Buffalo party

(Newser) - Ah, Halloween, that special time of the year when you get an excuse to throw a party ... and in the case of one Alexander Zito, that's a party with chocolate with pot, hard candy with pot, 640 "Jolly Lolly" pot lollipops, and five pounds of plain old Mary... More »

Canada Aims to Calm Drunks With Lollipops

Suckers have power to soothe rowdies, councilwoman says

(Newser) - Rowdy drunks in Victoria, British Columbia, may soon find the police offering them something to suck on. A city councilwoman says handing out lollipops could do a lot to solve the city's persistent problem with people causing trouble after the bars close, the Globe and Mail reports. The candy,... More »

Sweet! 'Lolly Lover' Kid Wins Dream Job as Candy Taster

How sweet it is

(Newser) - A lollipop-obsessed boy has won a dream job right out of a Willy Wonka fantasy: he's going to become a British candy company's taster for a year, reports the Telegraph. "I'm sure the next year is going to be a real adventure," said 12-year-old Harry Willsher, who'll be... More »

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