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Wife Pleads Guilty in 'Telepathic' Rape Case

She got husband to shoot their neighbor

(Newser) - A sad, strange case out of Utah, where a husband and wife have each used a mental illness defense in the shooting of their neighbor. Meloney and Michael Selleneit, both 55, became convinced that the neighbor was raping Meloney "telepathically" and controlling her mind, reports the Salt Lake Tribune... More »

Pentagon Project Aims to Create Telepathic Troops

DARPA boffins tasked with turning brain waves into silent words

(Newser) - The Pentagon has launched a project officials hope will help soldiers of the future read each other's minds on the battlefield, Wired reports. DARPA—dubbed the military's "mad scientist" division—has been given $4 million to develop technology that can detect and analyze brain waves that precede specific speech.... More »

2 Stories