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Powell Aide: Cheney Fears War Crime Trial

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson slams 'vindictive' memoir

(Newser) - It doesn't look as if the Colin Powell-Dick Cheney feud is going to end any time soon. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Powell's longtime chief of staff, says that Cheney—whose new memoir is sharply critical of Powell—"fears being tried as a war criminal" and "was president... More »

Powell Aide: We Were Lied To

Vice president's office 'manipulated' Powell into making Iraq speech

(Newser) - Colin Powell’s former chief of staff says he thinks the secretary of state was deliberately lied to and manipulated by the vice president’s office in the lead-up to the Iraq war. “I think there was some manipulation of this material and there was some outright lying,”... More »

Bush Official: We Knew Gitmo Inmates Were Innocent

New document claims releasing them was seen as 'politically impossible'

(Newser) - The Bush White House knew that hundreds of early Gitmo detainees were innocent, but refused to release them because the admission would weaken support for the war in Iraq, according to a new document obtained by the Times of London . The charge, by Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff to Secretary... More »

Cheney Didn't Even Torture for Right Reasons

VP wanted to link Iraq and al-Qaeda, not stop next attack: Powell aide

(Newser) - The interrogation methods Dick Cheney so highly touts were put in place in 2002 not to prevent another terror attack, a former aide to Colin Powell writes in the Washington Note, but to dig up an Iraq-al-Qaeda connection to justify going to war. And it was Cheney himself, “frightened”... More »

4 Stories