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Man Inherits Sister's Kiwi Allergy in Most Unusual Way

Phenomenon, observed in bone marrow transplant patients, is now proven

(Newser) - When a leukemia patient received a bone marrow transplant from his sister, all went smoothly—until he bit into a kiwi fruit and his lips began to tingle and swell. Turns out the patient was suffering from the "oral allergic symptom" his sister had long endured, and now that... More »

Boy's Peanut Allergy Cured by Bone Marrow Transplant?

Boy, 10, remains peanut allergy-free—and cancer-free, too

(Newser) - A bone marrow transplant is thought to have cured both the cancer and the peanut allergy of a 10-year-old boy, LiveScience reports. The boy, who was being treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, remains both cancer- and peanut allergy-free, doctors said at a meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma,... More »

Robin Roberts: I'm Fighting Bone Marrow Disease

'GMA' host insists she'll beat latest health challenge

(Newser) - Robin Roberts is fighting a rare bone marrow disorder and will undergo a transplant, the Good Morning America co-host revealed today. "Sometimes treatment for cancer can lead to other serious medical issues and that's what I'm facing right now," said an emotional Roberts, who successfully fought... More »

Canada OKs World's 1st Stem Cell Therapy

Prochymal may ease complication from bone marrow transplants

(Newser) - Canada has approved the world's first stem cell treatment for a systemic disease, Reuters reports. This week, the nation's health regulators allowed doctors to use the drug Prochymal for children with graft-versus host disease (GvHD), a sometimes deadly side-effect from bone marrow transplants. GvHd kills up to 80%... More »

UK's First IVF 'Savior Sibling' Saves 9-Year-Old Girl

Year-old brother provides bone marrow match

(Newser) - A British girl is on the mend from a life-threatening illness after an IVF “savior sibling” provided her with bone marrow, the Guardian reports. With their daughter suffering from a bone marrow-destroying disease, a couple couldn’t find a donor—so they had doctors create six IVF embryos and... More »

Flirty Models Roped Guys Into $4K Bone Marrow Test

Thousands unwittingly signed up for pricey DNA test

(Newser) - How do you get a guy to sign up to be a potential bone marrow donor? Simple: Hire models to canvas malls in high heels, short skirts, and lab coats—and don’t mention that after they take a swab of his DNA, his insurance will be billed up to... More »

Lion King Star, 11, Dies of Cancer

Shannon Tavarez inspired thousands to donate bone marrow

(Newser) - A young girl with a giant voice who won an open audition for a role in the Broadway production of The Lion King has died of leukemia at the age of 11. Shannon Tavarez spent seven months performing in the show before she was diagnosed in April. Thousands of people,... More »

HIV Hides in Bone Marrow: Researchers

Finding may pave way for new AIDS treatments

(Newser) - The virus that causes AIDS can hide in the bone marrow, avoiding drugs and later awakening to cause illness, according to new research that could point the way toward better treatments for the disease. Finding that hideout is a first step, but years of research lie ahead. Dr. Kathleen Collins... More »

Rihanna Helps Girl Dying of Leukemia

(Newser) - Moved by a video of a young African American girl with leukemia, Rihanna is helping her find a bone marrow donor, People reports. It's the second time the singer has helped a leukemia sufferer seek a match. "When I saw the video of Jasmina it broke my heart,"... More »

Mom Gets Trachea Grown From Own Stem Cells

Organ grown with patient's stem cells

(Newser) - In a frontier-busting surgery, transplant doctors have given a young woman a trachea developed in a lab using the patient's own stem cells. Stem cells from the patient's trachea and bone marrow were used to create a new rejection-proof organ in the surgery, performed in Spain in June, reports the... More »

Cancer Treatment May Have Cured Man's AIDS

After marrow transplant, patient stays virus-free

(Newser) - A German doctor has inspired hope for a new approach to AIDS treatment with his handling of a leukemia case, the Wall Street Journal reports. Because the patient also had AIDS, Gero Hütter looked for a bone marrow donor with a specific mutation that seems to stymie the HIV... More »

Doggy Wants a Bone...Transplant

Bone marrow procedure to cost $15K-$20K

(Newser) - Doggy wants a bone, and he deserves it too. Canines will soon be lining up at Washington State University for bone marrow transplants, enjoying a little payback after pooches made the procedure possible in people, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. But the cancer treatment won't come cheap: WSU will treat man’... More »

Bone Marrow Breakthrough Gives New Hope

Safer technique could benefit MS, arthritis sufferers

(Newser) - Scientists investigating bone marrow transplants have made a breakthrough that could one day help millions. Currently, before transplants occur defective cells are killed with radiotherapy or chemotherapy—which causes widespread damage and can have serious side effects. But researchers have found it's possible to pinpoint and destroy blood-forming stem cells... More »

Heart Valve Grown From Stem Cells

Could be available for human transplants in three years

(Newser) - A  British team has grown a human heart valve from stem cells—a breakthrough certain to ignite as much controversy as hope. Sir Magdi Yacoub, professor of cardiac surgery at Imperial College, tells the Guardian that growing a whole human heart from stem cells is less than a decade away:... More »

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