Olympic Stadium

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Canada Makes Stadium a Home for Asylum Seekers From US

New arrivals feared Trump would return them to Haiti

(Newser) - So many asylum seekers are crossing into Canada from the United States that Montreal's Olympic Stadium has been opened to house them. The first groups were bused to the stadium Wednesday. Cots are set up in the windowless, domed facility. The mainly Haitian migrants will stay until they get... More »

Olympic Flame Pulls Vanishing Act

Organizers move cauldron out of sight, for now

(Newser) - Where did that giant fire go? The traditional Olympic flame was ignited in an enormous cauldron inside London's Olympic stadium during the finale of the opening ceremony, but now the cauldron is nowhere to be seen. What gives? Officials temporarily extinguished the cauldron (keeping the "mother flame" alive... More »

Worker Smuggles Fake Bomb Past Olympic Security

Massive security loopholes still exist, worker complains

(Newser) - More than $1.5 billion is being spent on security for the London Olympics but the site is still vulnerable to attack, according to a construction worker who smuggled a fake bomb onto the site to prove his point. The worker informed the Sun that he was allowed to enter... More »

Lighting-Fast Bolt Smashes 100-Meter Record

(Newser) - Jamaica's Usain Bolt shattered the world record for the 100-meter race today, shearing more off the previous best time—his own—than anyone in recorded history, reports the Chicago Tribune. With a 2 mph tailwind, the 22-year-old clocked in at just 9.58 seconds—0.11 seconds faster than the... More »

China Censors Artist Leading Quake Inquiry

Police stake out whistleblower's studio, shut down blog

(Newser) - The Chinese artist who has made investigating the deaths of children in the Sichuan earthquake a personal crusade is facing a government crackdown, reports the CBC. Ai Weiwei's widely read blog has been deleted, and plainclothes police officers are staking out his studio in Beijing. Ai has relaunched his blog... More »

Yanks' $1.5B Park a Big Strikeout So Far

New stadium draws small, bitter crowds, opponent home runs

(Newser) - With its $1.5 billion price tag, you’d think the new Yankee Stadium would be pretty much perfect, right? But even the most loyal fans are griping as the “Taj Mahal” isn’t turning out to be everything it promised. From outrageous ticket prices to questionable outfield dimensions,... More »

6 Stories